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11.08 – MU Podcast


Renowned ufologist Richard Dolan joins us for a discussion on his new book ‘UFOs for the 21st Century Mind‘. The interview covers the many facets of the mystery of UFOs including ancient history, the evolving nature of UFO secrecy, political liberties, and the possible future impact of disclosure.

We also take a look at Michio Kaku’s new book in the Plus+ extension to discover just how far our technology will take us in the coming decades.

Richard Dolan



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Books Mentioned

The-Future-of-the-Mind-The-Scientific-Quest-to-Understand-Enhance-and-Empower-the-Mind-by-M  Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 20.25.26


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  • These ideas of ‘locally-grown’ UFOnauts have been roaming my head for some time as well.

    Remember that classic story about Joe Simonton and the ‘space pancakes’? It always made me think: these guys like to travel light, so since they don’t bother packing with all the water & food they’ll need during their ‘visit’, maybe they go one step further & prefer NOT to travel with their own body 😉

  • Pirvonen

    How do these classified patents work? A conventional patent means that if I tjink you are infringing on a patent I hold, I bring the description of my invention and you bring a description of your invention, and an arbiter determines if therenis a substantial similarity. The text and diagrams of the patent are available for the claimant and the defendabt. How am I expected to trust someone who claims they hold a classified patent that prevents me from going ahead with my invention if they don’t show their invention to the impartial arbitrator?

  • Pirvonen

    Quite so, I was wondering why the possibility of a downloaded intelligence was not mentioned in addition to an artificial one.

  • Chris

    I’d never seen a picture of Richard Dolan before, you know you get those ideas in your head what someone looks like and then they turn out to look completely different? this was one of those times. Great interview though, I bought his book because of it! Keep up the good work Ben and Aaron oh and your little Elliot; where can I get one of those for my office?

  • Sabastian Lycan-Sage

    We may have a immer of hope for disclore yet, if human greed for money and power have anything to do with it.
    Say that the military has contracted private corperations to develop off world technology. How long before these companies demand more money, which the black ops/military may or may not provide. How long before they turn the tables on them and blackmail them. Demanding to make it availble to the general public for an unrealistic profit. How long before other countries relaes this technology for their own profits and market share. It will be the black coperations calling the shots over the military, the corperations which may be funding the very political candidates needed to reduce military budgets and change legislation to make it availble to everyone. Lets pray for the true human spirit to shine through.

  • Mrs. Eccentric

    but if they’re not traveling with their own bodies why would they need pancakes?

    seriously, though. i’d think the easiest tech to implement over galactic-type distances would be simply to send a stabilized projection of consciousness , which then (theoretically) would not require things like water, Bisquick and so on (not to mention avoiding the inconvenience of bathroom breaks).

    I’m curious what your thoughts are on this! Happy Day you, steph

  • Sylvia

    As a general skeptic who still tries to keep an open mind and who’s fascinated by the paranormal, who likes listening to this very low-key, “take this as you will” podcast as an alternative to the more frantic, “THIS IS TOTALLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW GUYS!!!!” tone of so many other supernatural story sources, who likes hearing stories that may or may not be true, I love hearing Dolan talk.

    He seems to have come at the UFO phenomena with a serious focus on intellectual honesty, which is rare in authors selling books in this field, as authors often have a financial incentive to try to absolutely convince their audience that their incredible, personal story is 100% true and therefore amazing and therefore worth buying the sequel to.

    No, history doesn’t even work that concretely. Not even science works that concretely. Don’t be desperate to sell me your idea, just tell me your idea.

    This guy sounds very different from that, and it’s very refreshing. It’s now in my Amazon shopping cart for when I finish the books I’m currently reading.

  • David

    Guys, this was a great interview! UFO and Alien discussion is by far my favourite topic on MU.

    I had only read the first volume of Richard’s work on UFOs (’41-’73), but had to buy this book after listening. I’m now half-way through it and it’s excellent.

    The point about there being no ‘overview’ work on the topic I really agree with, and I’ve struggled to track down and buy quality research on UFOs for this reason. Far too much fluff floating around. The only other UFO book I’ve purchased was Grant Cameron’s, again on the strength of an MU interview (last year). So, once I’ve gotten through the rest of Richard’s work… where do I go next?!