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The Hutchison Effect, The Mahabharata, and Acoustic Levitation

There’s a war going on; a war of which you may not be aware.  No, I’m not talking about Iran, or Syria, or North Korea.  I’m not even talking about the Illuminati or the New World Order.  And I’m not talking about the war on drugs, either.  I’m talking about the war between fans of the fathers of electromagnetic theory: Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla.  For the record, I come down squarely in the Tesla camp, though if you’re an Edisonite, I’ll happily forgive that lapse in good judgment on the basis that you may not know just how awesome Tesla was.

And since today (February 11) is Thomas Edison’s birthday, I figured it would be a good time to take on a subject that involves the work of his one-time protégé and long-time nemesis.

Publicity photo of Nikola Tesla sitting in his laboratory in Colorado Springs in December 1899. Photo was taken by Dickenson V. Alley, photographer at the Century Magazines.

Publicity photo of Nikola Tesla sitting in his laboratory in Colorado Springs in December 1899. Photo was taken by Dickenson V. Alley, photographer at the Century Magazines.

Nikola Tesla was a genius.  He revolutionized EM theory, and according to some, he tapped into fundamental energies and processes that no one else had or has ever considered.  His inventions have forever changed the world and have provided the foundation for so much of our modern electronics-based culture.

Many of his inventions and EM equipment have been the basis for research in physics, and thus he has had a profound impact on our understanding of the world around us.  Though some have taken his work beyond what most consider science.  A man named John Hutchison is one of those people.

You may already know who Hutchison is; he’s the free energy nut.  Hutchison is really just a guy with an aptitude for electronics and EM theory, who apparently stumbled onto something incredible, but we’ll get to that.

In the world of science, Hutchison is considered a fraud.  Many skeptics have labelled him a hoaxer and a liar, and at least on one occasion, he has admitted to as much…but it’s not really settled.

A typical Tesla Coil design

A typical Tesla Coil design

A little background: in 1978 Hutchison began tinkering with electronics in his apartment.  His interest in Tesla and EM theory likely started long before that, but it was at the end of ’78 that he made his discovery and burst onto the scene in 1979.  Using a series of Tesla coils (a device used to generate electrical plasma through high power electromagnetic fields – or high-voltage, low-current, high-frequency AC current), combined with an electrostatic generator (which is similar to a Tesla coil) and other equipment, he created a “complex electromagnetic field”.  Experimenting with this field, Hutchison found he was able to make objects levitate, and to cause dissimilar materials, such as wood and metal, to melt and merge.

It is believed, by Hutchison and his supporters, that what he did was tap into the mysterious and elusive zero point energy using a scalar wave.  The ZPE is the product of a specific quantum state known as a Zero Point Field or ZPF.  This is a state of matter that occurs at a temperature of absolute zero, or zero Kelvins.  In that state, there should be no matter or energy, but when a ZPF is created, magnetic fluctuations are found that indicate there is some kind of undefined energy present in the field, an energy that shouldn’t be there.

If that sounds familiar, it may be because of Erwin Laszlo’s Akashic Field Theory, wherein he postulates that the ZPE is the foundation of human consciousness and thought.  Laszlo claims that the akashic field, which is something that’s been hypothesized for centuries, is a higher state of energy in the universe that contains all of the information in-and-of the universe.  He says that the human brain, and perhaps all brains, access this state of energy through a complex process involving the ZPE, and that all thought and knowledge that the human brain possesses or uses comes from this field.  It’s all very complicated, though surprisingly, it has some merit and is supported by several well known scientists.

Ice cream being "levitated" by Hutchison via his H-Effect

Ice cream being “levitated” by Hutchison via his H-Effect

What’s the big deal you say?  Well, none of that should be possible, and if you believe certain skeptics, it isn’t.

Since 1979, Hutchison has recreated the effect, now called The Hutchison Effect or H-Effect, on video many times.  In addition to the many videos you can find on YouTube, Hutchison also sells extended videos with more involved explanations via his own website.  He demonstrates the levitation of objects of varying size and mass (including ice cream), and shows metals and other materials melting, apparently at room temperature.  If his videos are an accurate representation of the Hutchison Effect, it’s a truly incredible thing.

The problem is, no one else has been able to reproduce the effect, despite Hutchison providing technical specifications.  And in fact, Hutchison himself claims that he’s been unable to reproduce it since 1991.  He has admitted to faking footage on at least one occasion, and since his evidence consists solely of his word and these video clips, perhaps the skeptics are right to condemn him and his H-Effect as hokum or pseudo-science.  But in reading about his exploits, I’ve been reminded of two unrelated yet similar effects that are known to be absolutely true.

OK, one’s true, the other’s questionable.

Firstly, can stone be melted?  Sure it can.  Typically when one works with stone of any appreciable hardness, chipping, cutting and carving are the terms you’d associate with it.  After all, rock quarries don’t melt rock out of mountains, they blast it out and hammer it into smaller, more manageable chunks.  But it is possible to melt a stone.

Lava, as we all know, is liquid stone.  Superheated by the Earth’s core deep underground, it comes to the surface via volcanos and other geological features, and then it cools, slowly becoming solid rock again.  But this can be achieved in other ways too.

Most of the ways you’d melt rock aren’t really melting the rock.  Certain powerful acids can dissolve rock, and are sometimes used to cut and shape types of stone for commercial use.  But there are thermite cutting methods that do a nice job of slicing right through solid rock.

Krishna and Arjuna at Kurukshetra, 18th-19th-century painting.

Krishna and Arjuna at Kurukshetra, 18th-19th-century painting.

Though, if you believe ancient Indian texts, there are still other ways to melt rock.  Found in the famous Mahabharata, an epic Vedic poem, is the story of Mayasura (or Maya), a great King of ancient India.  Mayasura, it’s said, was a master architect, and was tasked by the Hindu gods Krishna and Arjuna to build a palace for Arjuna’s brother Yudhisthira.  The resulting palace became known as Mayasabha, or the Hall of Illusions.  Mayasura, it seems, had the ability to melt stone to his purposes, and he used this skill to sculpt incredible surfaces throughout the palace.  The floors were said to be so smooth that they were indistinguishable from a pool of water.

Despite the apparently allegorical nature of the story, there are some who claim that Mayasabha really did exist, but the method of its construction is highly debateable.

And let’s not forget the legend of Ankor Wat of the late Khmer Empire in Cambodia, wherein it was said that the entire structure was built in one night by a divine architect, who used a magical liquid to melt stone into the shapes he wanted.

Secondly, is levitation real?  Sure it is.  Scientists have been levitating objects in laboratory conditions for decades.  Magnetic and electrostatic levitation have long been used to create conditions for containerless storage and analysis, for materials that react with other common elements.  NASA uses them regularly.  But there’s another method you might not be aware of.

Acoustic levitation is quickly becoming a superstar of fringe science.  It is used in lab settings for the same reasons as above, and in the research of sound waves and their effect on the environment.  But some say it’s been used outside the lab for centuries, and maybe even millennia.

The Coral Castle in Miami, Florida is sometimes said to have been built using acoustic levitation techniques, and the practise of levitating rocks and other objects has been documented in Tibet as recently as the mid-19th century, but their use of the technique is said to long predate that age.

In short, much of the criticism that gets thrown at John Hutchison for his theories and methods is related to his appearance and eccentricities.  Though few in science history have been as eccentric as his hero, Nikola Tesla.  He may have faked the entire thing, or he may really have stumbled onto something incredible, but was ill-equipped to deal with the aftermath.  His name is embroiled in some world-class conspiracy theories involving the US and Canadian governments, and the military-industrial complex, so any truth there may once have been in his work have long been overshadowed by doubt and skepticism.  But what he proposed isn’t necessarily outside the realm of possibility, and if the rumours are true, in that NASA, the US DOD and other science and military entities have taken it seriously enough to spend money looking into it themselves, then perhaps there’s more to it than meets the skeptics eye.

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  • sarij

    Tesla was a genius! Oh if he had the money and influence of Edison. Just think, we may have gone “wireless” years ago. And speaking of years ago, I saw a science special that highlighted Hutchinson’s work. He was giving a tour of his “lab” and “equipment” and promised to show how his effect worked, even though he said, “some of my equipment is broken”. He was not able to demonstrate his work for the camera. He acted like an aged hippie. I laughed when he said, “oh but it worked yesterday”! Maybe it only works when the observers are high 🙂

  • mph23

    I feel about Hutchinson the same way I feel about everyone who says he can accomplish something amazing: “Prove it!” Also, if others cannot replicate your experiments and your results; it didn’t happen. Period.

  • Popa Razvan

    This Hutchinson must have recorded/ taken notes on how everything is developing, what the stages of the experiments and the occurring effects are from the beginning of this whole thing. So he basically knows the whole process because it’s documented by him.
    So if he indeed got to a real, solid result once and managed to create this zero energy electromagnetic field he should be more than able to reproduce the entire experiment again, step by step and get to the same result.
    So his inability to recreate the whole process, with documented data at this hand, not to mention he was the original creator also, means that either luck/ undocumented random processes were involved that slipped him or that he is lying.

  • Jzues

    They will never allow “free energy”~~and it IS abundant.

  • Bluetides

    I’ve known John Hutchison for many years and while often misunderstood he is nonetheless a remarkable man with an important contribution to humanity. We live in a time of disconnect and generally without a functioning relationship with reality. Inventors are perceived to be oddballs because they have retained their relationship with reality. In the USA John’s talents are not appreciated but in places like Japan he is a rock star.

    When I say disconnected we are not even in the game. The ET’s that created our designer DNA use their golden pituitary and pineal (DMT) brain glands and we do not. Fortunately the golden glands can be rejuvenated and it is both natural and easily achievable to do so. To seriously kickup your brain bandwidth with a simple duck to water technique go to:

    My alchemy LENR gold making patent achieved patent pending status yesterday.

    Kick it up folks,

  • Bluetides

    23mph is a pretty tame brain speed.
    What most fail to appreciate is that the new technologies will be mind quantumly coupled and the operator will require a functioning relationship with reality.

    Those without a mind will not have much luck with them. The Pons and Fleshman US patent was denied and many failed replication (because they did not believe it possible) when many did replicate the experiments and now others are running with the technologies world wide.

    Good luck.

  • alanborky

    There’s also o’ course Martin ancient vitrified forts etc all over the world which belong to periods even further back but which may be related to the technique[s]/effect[s] alluded to in the Mahabharata [though see Robert Schoch’s take

  • J.Griffin

    For those who are interested in a more thorough,analytical approach to this,
    you should research Mel Winfield at

    Even John Hutchison admits Mel’s influence.

    Mel is definitely more methodical and less sensationalistic.

  • John Hutchison

    Hey Iam the guy your writing about John k Hutchison I had no intention of proving anything I simply duplicate , restore , build , create old things ok from old tesla type labs to free energy systems to machine tools old guns , plus other things it’s was like life exstenstion ok George hathaway and group presented to the USA government , Canada government , others many others. I did my part ok most of the work is classified by Canada and USA Iam not tesla , I would not want to be compared to him I like admiral Nelson as a hero , if you need to know , ok I could have had huge recognition if I worked with governments ,prince Hans Adam lievhtstenstien , charles bombardie , Robert bigalow , the usa pentagon in 2006 plus others many others I choose my path in putting all on main stream medias it’s fun it pays well and Iam left to enjoy life and put on tv other technologies 300 plus tv shows including the ark of the covenant revealed , I got huge money from investors for my free energy stuff but we could not find anybody who was interested in free energy we did great presentations in japan USA Canada before government folks private folks take it build it for pets sake my investors and I are best friends to this day and where dumb founded by the pure apathy of folks In free energy
    Production devices , anyway life extension is one of my projects now as I sold off the antigravity lab on eBay after of course it was tested out by the German group who filmed the effects they bought it off eBay I left Canada for the gulf Mexico then later building ray guns devices to fight off radiation from japan I love doing the impossible see my YouTube and daily motion videos Johnkhutchison I use my real name unlike folks on the net ,Mel winfeild had only his contribution of a vande graph genearor and filmed it and later tried to get funds from the USA government threw a stolen Pharos technology vide Mel was stopped by john alexander anyway the lad sold threw dr Luddite videos of the effects. 2010
    My most fun times was taking apart navy ships for 5years doing my tv shows dating woman yahoooooo great I love woman , sex , kids open sourcing what I know , I don’t type well , I don’t keep notes , I enjoy nature my characters Karla kniption the admiral , Karla my favorite I look hot I can poke fun plus it’s a fun thing for me.
    I enjoy machine tools , guns , beachs , target practice ,woman , dressing up sun bathing hey that’s me instead of that pathetic loony on the Internet holding a toy flying saucer or chunks of metal the poor mr Hutchison b,s trying to prove something NOT ME I have no more interest in tesla or antigravity ,it’s old crap I can live without thanks

  • Bluetides

    John you had a typo in your website link. Here is the corrected link:

  • Thank you for reading, Mr Hutchison. And thank you for your contributions to science and our understanding of the world around us.

  • Lighthearted


  • Jeremiah Willis

    you rock ,and we all know it. your radiation reducing stuff is incredible.

  • Khan

    Did higher authority tell you to say “I have no more interest in tesla or antigravity ,it’s old crap I can live without thanks” ?

    Are you under threat by governmental agencies to keep quiet about your own discoveries?

  • drewhempel

    I was contacted by the partner of John Hutchison as she is from my home state and she read my free online book “The alchemy of rainbow heart music: How sound-current fusion subverts the Matrix conspiracy.” She wanted to know what type of frequencies or melodies were the secret but the secret is no one frequency – rather an infinite process of complementary opposite resonance. As I have posted – there is tons of evidence of real alchemists from China – the qigong masters – But the training for this is very strict since it’s based on purity of mind that’s why there’s monasteries, etc. For example the Tibetan monks known to levitate rocks using focus of sound in a parabolic model but also using their tummo alchemy energy. I also have an article on this – explaining the sonofusion science behind qigong:

  • The powers that be would never allow electricity to be free. Do a google search and check out the Stanley Meyer interview when he introduced a car that ran on water.

    When asked if he could light a city Tesla said absolutely. They asked him how do we make money with your system? “You don’t, Once my system is installed it will be free because I’m using universal energy. The people involved then asked Edison the same question and he too said yes he could light a city. “How do we make money using your system? “Simple.” Edison replied. “We meter the electricity and we’ll be paid by each person depending on how much electricity they used. Of course Edison got the contract. It’s all about the money.

  • Jerry

    Because free energy cannot be patented so no one wants to bring it to light, its all about money. you need to share your knowledge before its too late!!!

  • Jerry

    Because free energy cannot be patented so no one wants to bring it to light, its all about money. you need to share your knowledge before its too late!!!!!

  • Jerry

    Your experiments will make more sense if your portray earth as flat, and all other plants. sun and moon are flat just at 90 degrees to earth.

  • Cliff Hanger

    So do the research yourself. Learn, build, grow. Allow Noone and nothing to take your attention away from your studies. Tesla devoted himself to his work and nothing else much matter. The truth is there and easy to find. Thank you Mr. Hutchinson, for your sacrifice. You are one amazing man! Self-taught none the less. Remember this my fellow scientists and enthusiasts, the technology has been here longer then history recorded by man itself. start with a tesla coil and understand the “Why?”…..MacX

  • Ricardo Ramirez

    I have u mr hutcchison on myspace as a friend I have a black & white striped shirt, I’m 29 and there is a door open behind the background