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UFO Disclosure: The Afterlife Angle

On the weekend of February 7 to 9, I spoke at the Los Angeles-based Conscious Life Expo on the subject of my book, The Pyramids and the Pentagon. I also took part in two panel-based question and answer sessions. The first (on the Friday night) was on the “ancient astronauts” issue, while the second Q&A focused on the controversial matter of “UFO disclosure.” And it’s that latter, Sunday morning, debate that I want to address right now.

It was a lively, 2-hour-long interaction between the audience and those on stage, namely me, Mike Bara, Linda Moulton Howe, Dr. Bob Wood, Steve Bassett and Robert Salas (Bryce Zabel was scheduled to appear but was unable to attend). I  have made my views very clear on the whole issue of disclosure on many occasions (as this link demonstrates).

I don’t doubt the enthusiasm, or the dedication, of many of those in the disclosure movement. But there is one issue that very often gets pushed to the sidelines when disclosure is discussed in a public forum. Actually, sometimes, it doesn’t just get pushed to the sidelines. Rather, it’s simply not appreciated or given any thought at all. And, in a moment, I’ll tell you what that is.

First, however, it’s important to note that many of the people I have spoken with on the disclosure issue take a very straightforward, and surprisingly simplistic, approach to what may being hidden from us and what disclosure might mean.

Typically, the leading lights of disclosure believe (a) the UFO phenomenon has definitive extraterrestrial origins; (b) officialdom is in the possession of an unknown number of crashed and recovered extraterrestrial spacecraft and alien bodies; (c) there are highly secret programs afoot to understand and back-engineer the recovered technology; and (d) if that same technology is one day released into the public arena, it will transform our world (f0r the better) in near-unimaginable ways.

Now, we have all heard stories of the bodies of dead aliens stored deep within underground bunkers; of the strange “memory metal” reportedly found outside of Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947; and of alleged attempts to duplicate highly advanced alien technology at Area 51. None of us really knows if the stories amount to the truth, half-truths, disinformation, or some hazy mix of all three.


What I do know, however, is that for many of those UFO researchers currently pushing for disclosure, these are the prizes to be found and then, hopefully, revealed to the world at large. But there’s a problem: so many of the disclosure people assume that the big secret being hidden from us (if such a big secret exists, of course!) is one of a definitive “nuts and bolts” nature: aliens have secretly visited, they have crashed, and we are trying to perfect their science for our own purposes and agendas.

What I seldom see discussed in debates of the disclosure kind is something which I specifically brought  up at the Conscious Life Expo Q&A – namely, the stranger and very often ignored, or under-appreciated, aspects of the UFO phenomenon. These are the issues which, arguably, might offer far greater reasons as to why “the truth” (whatever that might be) has not been disclosed. It all has to do with nothing less than the afterlife.

Back in 1988, Whitley Strieber’s book Transformation was published. It was the follow-up to his phenomenally successful bestseller of the previous year, Communion. In Transformation, Strieber tells the story of how his unearthly visitors warned him not to keep eating sugary sweets. When Strieber questioned why he should quit snacking on sweets, he was told: “We will show you.”

In a very odd, and even eerie, fashion, Strieber learns only days later of an Australian woman dying from the effects of diabetes who had a bedroom encounter involving a  group of strange, little men. She passed away very soon after – but not before experiencing weird afterlife imagery. The implication is that when Strieber asked why he should not eat sweets, the answer came to him in graphic fashion and via a (literally) deadly warning involving diabetes.

I mention this because there is someone who I trust implicitly who also had UFO experiences in the 1980s, who also became affected by diabetes, and who also had a chillingly similar experience to that of Strieber. I recommend you read Transformation carefully if you have not yet done so (alternately, you can find a summary of the diabetes story right here).

Further, similar themes weave their way throughout the UFO phenomenon. And if you’re not aware of those connections, you are clearly (a) ignoring them; or (b) looking in all the wrong places for the answers to the UFO puzzle. Strieber digs into such matters time and time again, chiefly in relation to the manipulation and the “recycling” of souls, and the likelihood that the creatures which have popularly become known as the “Grays” have the ability to maneuver between the world of the living and the domain of the dead – and just about as easily as we can walk on land and swim in the water.


There are cases where the Grays have prophesized death, where “alien abductees” have undergone out of body experiences, and where those targeted by the Grays have, in distinctly altered states, encountered dead friends and relatives.

Now, the skeptic and the debunker would likely say that this is all due to a combination of fantasy-prone mindsets, wishful thinking, lies, and graphic dreams. I, however, strongly disagree. I have studied many cases that suggest while the Grays are definitively “alien” (in the sense that they are non-human), they are almost certainly not extraterrestrial. They may be something presently, and completely, beyond our comprehension.

As my book Final Events noted, there are without doubt certain secret elements of government, the military, and the intelligence community that have significant awareness of this UFO/afterlife link – even if they don’t understand it properly, and have put their own spins on it, based on their preconceived beliefs relative to the concepts of Heaven and Hell.

So, what does all of this have to do with the UFO disclosure movement? Well, I’ll tell you.

If it all came down to a situation where this government or that government, or this agency or that agency, was simply hiding a few crashed UFOs, a dozen or so carefully preserved corpses found in the desert decades ago, and a few examples of recovered technology that we have tried to understand and duplicate, then I actually think we just might already have been told the facts, or at least some of them. Granted, that’s my opinion and nothing else, but I still think it’s a viable scenario, all of which brings me to my final point.

Why I suspect disclosure has not already come, and why I feel it may never come, is because those in positions of power and influence know that the entities behind the UFO phenomenon are not just far more advanced equivalents of us. They are not simply the intergalactic versions of NASA’s Apollo astronauts.  In carefully studying the UFO enigma at a top secret level, someone has hit upon…something else…the links between what might collectively be termed “the aliens and the afterlife.”


And, I believe, those in the know have no clue how to tell the populace that we have in our midst poorly-understood entities of unknown origins and intent that (a) have the ability to manipulate us at profoundly personal levels; and (b) have connections to, and understandings of, the human soul or life-force (however you may personally choose to term it).

I suspect that if this hard to define aspect of the UFO phenomenon is, one day, unleashed on us – as a species, and as a whole – the paradigm-changing and reality-shifting effects on our perceptions of what life, death, and what comes afterwards really are, will be radically shaken to the point where I’m not sure we will survive such a disclosure psychologically intact, or even semi-intact.

If the disclosure movement continues to push, shove and knock on doors, just perhaps – and against all the odds – they really will achieve their goal and the secrets will come tumbling out. But those secrets may not be what many of the familiar faces of the movement are expecting…

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  • What a great article Mr Redfern.
    I appreciate your ability to see beyond the typical and limited questions we are generally left to decide amongst ourselves like wolves scrounging at mere table scraps while the feast is just over our heads..
    As if the questions we generally grapple with are the only ones. I can’t imagine things are quite so cut and dry, as in either ‘they’ meaning some accepted organization like government will either say definitively or not whether we are alone in the universe.. Perhaps it’s a bit more complicated as you clearly state.

    You prove quite adeptly that it’s long past the moment to start going beyond the simple disclosure scenario, and rethink just exactly what it is, that we even KNOW, right here, and right now. When may have the how,( as in the fractal geometry that forms all matter), but still need to resolve a WHY sufficiently. Thank you and keep up the quality thinking!

  • Su Wilson

    I like your article Nick, finally clicked your Facebook link 🙂

  • Ellen Joyce

    I think the one disclosure people in power will never make is this one: we don’t know. Its too vulnerable. I always appreciate your objective and practical analysis. Thanks, great article!

  • Robert Oppenheimer

    Be careful what you wish for . . . you may get it!

  • TomA59

    For once I agree with Nick. There has got to be a reason for secrecy that is more profound than a pile of crash wreakage. There has not been any written record of any disclosure at any time in recorded past of human history. So the secrecy question has not only been multi generational, but multi civilizational. I would further postulate that this “edict” if I may call it that, is directed off planet and that crash recovery may be alien controlled and overseen. I would add to this by saying that crashes are directed or are occuring in safe zones for quick recovery and disposal.

  • Jim

    Excellent. You’ve found a fruitful path to travel with these ideas, Nick; keep following it! I would only add that the matter of how “alien life” interacts with our consciousness is something that Terence McKenna was beginning to explore before his untimely death. And he, also, predicted that even a cursory glimpse of the true nature of reality would blow our societal constructs sky-high. And that includes the surprisingly unimaginative preoccupations of the Disclosure crowd.

  • Jacqueline Bradley

    Great piece. I would say that this very much fits in with Vallee’s thinking and thw writings of Robert Monro and his ideas about harvesting souls. I think Montalk has something akin to this on his site too. Keep digging, l feel you are going in the right direction and that’s my feeling from personal experience.

  • bright garlick

    Nick this is by far one of the most important and profound things you’ve put to print and I agree with you whole heartedly. Thank you for sketching out something that too many people have overlooked. I really appreciate you looking honestly at this. There really is a whole book in this subject alone. And Ben and Aaron this is worth a show in itself, taking Nick’s lead.

    Nick your timing was strange to me personally as I am today putting together a video of my own experience of being taken to merge with the light/god during my January 2011 encounter with two races I’ve had life long contact with.

    So much emphasis is on aliens being just extraterrestrial but my own experiences have taught me while they have a physical body on a planet somewhere they are so much more than that. Death is but a veil.

    I am convinced now that consciousness creates reality and when our visitor friends come and give us experiences outside of physical reality they are helping us to pierce the veil of delusion.

    The beings I call The Creator Races don’t just create life and planets and so on, they create universes and realities and souls because they know they are not separate from god – they have a felt lived experience of that. We too have the same possibilities, as some humans such as Dadaji have shown. They continue to help god expand infinitely.

    I don’t think through the process of disclosure, anyone wants the populous to know that they themselves are God incarnate, capable of anything or that the supposed ETs are capable of anything. It’s not just discovering that we are not alone, it’s the possibility of discovering that there are beings that create reality and that we too have the same potential. Not that many can realize it – as is evidenced by the significance of people like Dadaji. But religion alone could never handle knowing that God is incarnate in everything (most religions) and that the beings that seeded life here are capable of transcending death ?

    The Architecture keeps the alien reality largely a secret, not just because of covert projects and because of social engineering it would prefer to keep hidden from us but because they know (including the Earth bound aliens) that we have a lot of maturing to do before we can live with the reality they could offer us. God, we can’t even agree to accept people with different sexual preferences or different skin colour – let alone beings who can move beyond reality as we know it !

    Consciousness is the future of human understanding this phenomenon. Not with drugs or entheogens or virtual realities. But with penetrating self inquiry, such as that put forth by Ramana Maharshi : Who is it that is asking Who am I ? When we discover what we are – our deepest true nature, we will know what they are.

    Keep pushing the envelope with this line of thinking Nick – because you’re spot on the money !

  • twas brillig

    According to the Matrix books from the Leading Edge material via Val Valerian, the Grays attempt to capture our souls upon departing.

  • Jay

    I agree with your hypothesis. I have been filming orb phenomina with an infra-red camera. When filming orbs in the sky I also pick up on cloaked ufos. Although its hard to pinpoint the way it is interacting with 3D space, its certain that in one way these two phenomina are sharing the same dimension space…at lest some of the time.

  • Elsiudor

    The Grays are performing the equivalent of a spiritual genetic engineering through a tight control and manipulation of the information flows within the humanity’s grand fractal. They are trying to manipulate our spiritual self-similar/self-organizing birth mechanisms of our inner spiritual selves. Our spirits resemble much like fractals that are self-organizing themselves in relation to the information quality we choose to incarnate and interact during our lifetime here on earth. Our spiritual bodies are made in the image, they are self-similar to the information quality we have obtained and accumulated during our lives here on earth.

    When we die, our souls come down to receive that inner quality we have obtained to transcend it and take it forever into the next and final level of being. Through our deaths we are born one final time as spirits, entering the everlasting field where the “big game” is played. This unkown 2nd inner birth mechanism is the biggest gift of all our heavenly Father gave to us. It’s a way to co-create our inner spirituals selves, to self-produce like a true god our spirits in the image we desire, according to our free will! That mechanism was hijacked by the Grays to produce spirits in their own will and desire…

    -And God said, let us create man in our image!
    -And Man said, let us create man in our image!
    -And Devil said, let us create man in our image!

    It’s up to each one of you to see to whose image you are all created…

  • Watcher1

    Another version of “you can’t handle the truth”. Anyone ever consider that maybe we Need to be shaken to the core of our beliefs? That even if society goes collectively insane over this revelation, time will go on and we’ll get over it or at least bring forth a new generation that can handle it? That, assuming you’re right, the truth will come out and there’s nothing we can do to stop it, so it might as well be sooner rather than later? Of course not.

  • M T

    This may be a 4th Density vs 5th Density issue. If your paradigm consists of only “physical vs metaphysical” then naturally one might be inclined to group [ghosts / dead people / afterlife] and [aliens / MIB / Forteana] in the same category of “metaphysical” — especially after noticing how the latter don’t fit the nuts-n-bolts Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. But just because it’s not one, doesn’t mean it has to be the other of two choices.

    Maybe there is a third choice, a quasi-physical state some sources have termed 4th Density. The realm of the afterlife is termed 5th Density by those same sources, which is one “level” above where aliens are. This is logical because ghosts don’t materialize ships and bodies, nor can you kill an already deceased person whereas aliens are indeed perishable even *if* they can walk through walls and jump through time.

    Also the sightings of deceased relatives during abductions should not be taken at face value; aliens are good at disguising themselves as religious avatars, loved ones, deceased people, distant relationship partners, the man of your dreams, etc. to gain compliance through deception.

  • bright garlick

    Nick here’s my video, which as I suggested links to what you’ve written :

  • RememberWhoWeAre1

    You’re right people do need to hear a different point of view. Strive for knowledge. Strange that the eyes constantly look to the left and/or downward which usually detect lies. Looking up tells that one is actually going back in the brain for real memories. This is a very believable podcast though, a lot of the video shows your distress and actuality in searching for certain thoughts. Maj1 approves.

  • Gear Mentation

    Yes, this has been my pet theory for some time… not that I have that much belief in it, but I did reach the same conclusion: IF they are hiding something, it’s probably not because it’s alien, but because it has metaphysical implications we wouldn’t be able to deal with. I’ve never read it from someone else before though. Thanks!

  • Al Su

    Check this vid out. If you know spanish, take a look. I tried finding a vid w english captions, but couldn’t (though I know one is out there). Anyhow, the ling and short of this story is that this indigenous Ecuadorian man and his wife had several e.t. encounters, including a pregnancy involving his wife. At one point in their encounters the man asked the beings how was it possible to communicate with earthly peoples. One of the entities responded that they spoke the language of the spirits! Interesting insight…

  • Al Su

    Watch “Impresionante contacto extraterrestre en Ecuador” on YouTube
    Impresionante contacto extraterrestre en Ecuador:

  • Seeker

    And according to the Wave series as channeled by Knight-Jadczyk, a true death is inviolable. Spirits depart for the 5th Density aka ‘Heaven’ directly. ‘Grays’ cannot interfere with this, if the soul desires to return there.

  • Lynne Thomas
  • Viv Aldistaw

    Not a rant, just very well said. I’m loving this article too. The UFO industry has a lot to answer for. Thanks to the internet the more of these discussions we have the more likely we are to find the real truth.

  • Viv Aldistaw

    I couldn’t agree more. However, ultimately the universe will decide when we finally get it. Might be tomorrow, might be in a thousand years.

  • Andrew Thompson

    Go to – under the content tab, select “Neruda Interviews” – Read all 5 of them. Could this be the reason for non-disclosure? Scary thought.