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11.12 – MU Podcast


After discussing the future of Oculus and VR technology we welcome Christopher O’Brien to the show with his new book ‘Stalking the Herd’.

The phenomenon of Cattle Mutilations has endured for over 50 years with high strangeness, UFO encounters, secret government involvement, and ritual cultists all contributing to the mystery. O’Brien’s research attempts to answer the question of who or what is behind the ‘mutes’ and, perhaps more importantly, what is their motive.

Chris O’Brien



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  • dfseTheGoat

    While I really enjoy the hypothesis which Chris puts forth. I have a few problems with his points: Hinting at the fact that PrP type diseases are behind the increasing numbers of deaths associated with dementia, Alzheimers and cognitive impairment is fairly insulting to science. Yes, the `death of the autopsy` is concerning – however, you may as well state that smallpox is killing these folks without additional evidence. Secondarily, get off the high horse of beef, it’s ridiculous – I will be sure to tell our folks in the inner city ghetto here in Oakland, CA to make sure to only eat `grass fed, local beef`.

  • Tyson

    Thank you MU for taking me away from this crappy world full of hippies. If it wasn’t for you two, then who was phone?

  • It’s possible that the rise of senile dementia & Alzheimer’s might be more related to simply the current rise of the average human lifespan.

    But I still think Chris’s message with our need to consume less beef is appropriate. It’s been disastrous for both the economy & the environment. There have to be more sensible ways to provide for protein to the majority of the population.

  • dfseTheGoat

    More likely than not the rise in attributable deaths are simply the result of reporting bias: We (as a result of research) are now more keenly aware of these issues of cognitive decline, and thus are more likely to attribute deaths to them where appropriate.

    And I don’t disagree for a minute that the beef industry is an obscenity. I just disagree with the comment he made of only eating local grass fed beef – it’s just not realistic for those in say, the inner city, where the majority of American’s now reside.