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Is This the Ghost of James Stanley?

Employees at the 763-year-old Ye Olde Man and Scythe, a pub in northwest England, say that they had a strange day at work on February 14th. After noticing that the security camera shut itself off early, they reviewed the last moments of the footage and saw something they didn’t expect to see:

The London Mirror has been covering the story. There’s no shortage of possible natural explanations—corruption from an old recording, car lights reflecting off bottles, a prowler, a hoax—but local scuttlebutt has it that we’re looking at James Stanley (1607-1651), Seventh Earl of Derby, who had a reputation for hanging around the place both before and after his death.

It’s hard not to enjoy the video at face value. Most ghost videos are pretty underwhelming, unless you’re into that sort of thing—an orb here, a shadow there—but this will catch your eye. If it’s a hoax, it’s a brilliant hoax. The figure is undeniably human, but he doesn’t move like a human; if you’ve ever experienced hypnagogic hallucinations, his shifting form and strange, unpredictable patterns of movement may look familiar.

Of course, shifting forms and unpredictable patterns of movement can also be characteristic of a wide range of natural phenomena. It would be interesting to know whether the tape had been previously used to record people walking around the pub, whether reflections of street traffic show up on video when cars drive by, and so forth. But for now, the videotape simply is what it is; whether it is evidence of something supernatural, evidence of something natural, or a brilliantly-constructed work of art, it looks like the wispy figures we almost see out of the corner of our eyes when we’ve put in a long day.

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  • Justin Lynchem

    Downloaded this vid and played it verrrry slowly. The apparent head or hood flashes “on” every three hundredths of a second and remains on for two hundredths of a second and flashes off again, then on again for the same time interval. It does this repeatedly, like clockwork, which makes me think it it the reflection of some flashing light, an alarm or something. The time intervals are just too perfect. At a large size I can’t make out anything other than what looks somewhat like a hood or something.
    But it’s fun to watch!

  • Coppertop

    I don’t know if it counts as evidence, but it’s dang spooky, I’ll give you that. Brrr.