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11.13 – MU Podcast


Remote viewing is making headlines this week with bold claims from Courtney Brown and the Farsight Institute on the true builders of the Giza Pyramid, ET interference with humankind, and how to sell more DVDs.

We also feature a bizarre personality switch experience and gigantuous serpent encounters in the Amazon jungle.


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  • Alexio

    The Yakuza theme song makes me wanna grow a sweet pony tail and grab an uzi asap

  • The quarrels of these New Agers over the custody of their hybrid alien children seems like the perfect idea for a Brady Bunch/Alien Nation TV mashup.

    Also it’s funny how this Zelda-like hybrid lives in a world with Triforce mountains. So I guess we should all blame Shigeru Miyamoto.

  • Pentti Hirvonen

    Robot boss? Nothing new in that. It seems that every weightly decision that warrants massive managerial pay is indistinguishable from selecting the speadsheet with the highest profit. I do not need the suited person to translate between Excel ™ and myself to be any more human than today.

  • noccy

    “I worked for GLaDOS and all I got was $10”

  • “The coffee was Ok, but the cake was a LIE.”

  • S Rosenbaum

    All MU episodes are great, but this one was specially GREAT!

    Keep up the great work guys!

  • hiddenplace

    It’s too bad about Farsight… I was really intrigued by their work at first, but I’ve pretty much written them off now. I don’t think they even realize how completely crazy they sound. I still haven’t written off remote viewing, though.. I just wish we had more people doing remote viewing work who aren’t totally nutty.

  • StaticSkies

    The whole crazy abduction story reminded me very strongly of fae folklore, especially with the utter madness involved, as well as the walking dog.