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9.16 – MU Plus Podcast

After discussing the future of dairy, the future of rocketry, and the future of fine cuisine, we turn about face to investigate the ancient civilization X behind the mysteries of Peru’s Markawasi.

Are the strange rocks on the Peruvian mountain truly carved by the Gods or are they simply natural formations playing tricks on the observer’s eyes?

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  • Just a slight correction: Although I first heard of Thinking Allowed through Mike Clelland’s linking their Youtube clips on his Hidden Experience blog, I actually found the interview with Hastings last Friday on my Youtube feed, since I decided to subscribe to their channel. I did send the clip to Mike via e-mail because I wanted to have some feedback from him, given his interest in the subject of channeling, but so far I haven’t heard from him.

    It would be interesting to know if Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove is available for interviews. Given all the amazing conversations he had with so many interesting thinkers –Jacques Vallee, John Mack, Ram Dass & Terence McKenna to name a few– I’m sure he’d have many cool anecdotes to share 🙂

    PS: I actually saw Sixto Paz once, when he gave a conference in my university back in the 90’s. He sure is an interesting individual, and BTW he began his (alleged) extraterrestrial contacts first by practicing automatic writing.

    In a way he was instrumental in my life’s journey studying these mysteries, because one of the journalists who actually went to cover Paz & his group –when they announced that an extraterrestrial ship was going to appear in the Chilca desert & they invited the press to witness it– was none other than Juan José Benítez; when most of the press members left in frustration after the UFO failed to appear, those stubborn ones who stayed DID see & photographed some strange illuminations on the desert sky. Benítez went out to write his 1st in a long series of UFO-related book, UFO’s: SOS to Humanity, and the rest is history.