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11.21 – MU Podcast


After looking at the future of health related DIY bacteria transplants, insect diets in space, and frozen Indian gurus, we peel back the deception of an infamous 1960s Contactee.

We then find ourselves in the seedy underworld of CIA MKULTRA mind control programs and the many facets of culture the agency tried to influence.


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  • Mrs. Eccentric

    My husband (last forties at the time) had c. diff almost ten years ago now and it was tremendously frightening, i am not at all surprised that it kills so many people every year.

    I AM surprised that you two are so squeamish about a procedure for a deadly disease with a !!!!!! 94% !!!!! CURE RATE!!!! Now ***of course*** people need proper diagnosis and conditions for the transplant, just for starters the danger of colon perforation is real and deadly. But obviously the human gut flora is very delicate and complicated and we don’t understand much of it at all, i for one would be loathe to try some misguided ‘improvement’ over a procedure with an astounding proven cure rate.

    I’ve had asthma for decades, i’ve had to take all types of inhalers, antibiotics, and steroids which cause high blood pressure, cataracts, thin bones (no breaks for me so far thank goodness), elevated blood sugar/diabetes, muscle weakness, weakened/non existent immune system (last go round i got a nail fungus and last 8 of my fingernails), and that’s just the highlights i remember off the top of my head. These treatment can go on for months or years, and after the asthma is finally under control i have no idea when i’ll be in for the next go-round.

    Seriously, if i could get a cure through something so simple as a fecal transplant i would not be able to stop crying from happiness. I know it’s fun to play ‘ooh, so gross!’ and joke around but when you’re staring death in the face at the age of 16 or looking at losing your husband of only a couple of years an actual cure that’s so simple looks like a gift from heaven.

    Love you guys, love your show, stay healthy (or else! ha!) steph

  • snakefarmer

    The Laurel Canyon CIA connection conspiracy theory seems really specious and overblown from what I’ve read. The alleged connections seem dubious and more likely explained by mundane business relations than a calculated plan. It’s a intriguing story but I’d take it with a lot of salt.

  • Me-chan

    BTW, that little toilet shelf (most commonly found in Europe) is colloquially referred to in British slang as the “Continental Shelf”. 🙂