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  • Fantastic rambling 😀

  • azzwright
  • FalseParadigm

    C’mon Aaron, where is the historian in you! I would have to take this with a grain of salt as the information provided in all the above links connects back to an article written by Alun Rees of the Daily mail. He recieved the information second hand from Richard Kemp’s colleague who claimed Kemp confided all this information to him. It places some strain on the authenticity of the claim.

    However, the author did not publish the article untill days after Francis’s Cricks’ death, so that might lend credibility to the idea that he was sitting on this information for some time for fear of being sued. He shares this in the article, as he claims he approached Crick with the information who apparently responded with “Print a word of it and I’ll sue”

    Another point of view is offered by Matt Ridley, who authored a biography of Francis Crick. He argues that Crick’s widow informed him that Crick indeed take LSD but was supplied by a man named Henry Todd (who did Know Kemp), and that this occured after 1967.

    Watson and Crick first published their work on the structure of DNA in 1953, years before LSD was readily available and years before Crick reportedly took LSD, at least according to his widow. This suggests, to me at least, that, however awesome it might be, that one of the greatest scientific discoveries made in the past one hundred years was made under the influence, it is not so easy to believe.

    We will probably never know for sure

  • Grimmers

    This was one of the most interesting discussions you guys have had in a while, fantastic episode.

    You guys should bring Elliot into the mix more often too. He usually only
    seems to get pulled out for the fun stuff like the streams and fridays,
    but he had some great ideas and counter-points here.

  • dfseTheGoat

    Indeed. cmon boys, I learned from you guys to treat any reference coming from the Daily Mail to be suspect at best 🙂 In any case, a great show, a great season, and keep up all the great work!

  • dfseTheGoat


  • Francois Basilio

    love the discussion guys one of the best episodes in a long time. oh and i’m over stocked on “calibration Bananas” again.

  • Francois Basilio

    oh and by the way light can get to the pineal gland, some photons do make its way to the gland, and it does have receptors to sense this, But no one knows why. I think you guys have hit it on the head

  • Francois Basilio

    I wish you guys would do more shows like this, This has to be hands down my favorite, Elliot brings a lot to the table and makes the discussion more diverse. There is a lot we still do not know about Earth. Personally i think our history dates back to maybe 100,000″s of years not just a few thousand.and Im sure the Egyptians had a lot more tech that never survived to this day, (just like nothing of our society tech would survive 3000years) I would say the Egyptians were more spiritual technology based as apposed to us which are more materialistic technology’s. what do you guys think ??