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MU Android App Development Update

As stated on the recent podcast episode we’ve been forced to drop the current developers of the Android app and move the project to a new team. Our patience had reached its limits as the development had gone through numerous delays and endless re-occurring bugs, leaving us with no choice but to pull the plug.

Recently the developers had scrambled to deliver us what they considered to be a re-written, stable build which had passed considerable QA testing on their end. Yet the build they delivered still had issues with playing downloaded podcast episodes, obviously the most critical function of the app. After months of delays this was the final straw for us.

Now here at Mysterious Universe we understand that some things happen for good reason and there’s usually a silver lining under every cloud. The big advantage we’ve had by going through the beta process with this now defunct build, has been to gather all the excellent feedback and feature requests from all of you who joined us for testing. We now have a much clearer vision of what you expect from a first class app and will be going back to a clean slate with fresh ideas on features, design, and the overall user experience.

Nobody likes delays, least of all us, but rest assured that when we eventually emerge with the new v2 build it will be significantly better than anything you’ve seen in the previous beta.

How can I use my Plus+ Membership on my Android device while I wait for the new MU app?

The good news is that the Plus+ membership works really well with several Android podcasting apps including the excellent Pocket Casts.

Follow the steps in our FAQ and you’ll be up and running in no time.

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  • mannyramirez

    Well done guys. And it’s good to hear that Pocketcast is a workaround.


  • Dave

    I highly recommend BeyondPod for Android in the mean time.

  • tscheuch

    Its all good fellas! We love your program, and am very happy to know there’s even bigger and better features, functions, and (best of all) awesome episodes to come.

    PS please keep me in the loop for beta testing for the app when it does come out 🙂 🙂

    Best Regards mates!