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12.04 – MU Podcast


Australian Ufologist Damien Nott joins us in the studio this week to share his incredible UFO footage and his new Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming documentary project ‘Haunted Skies‘.

In 2012, after relocating to his Grandparent’s home in a small Australian town, Damien found himself at the centre of a bizarre UFO flap that captured the attention of the Australian public, the national media, and the AirForce. With no end to the activity in sight, Damien began to film the skies above in an attempt to capture the strange phenomenon.

Damien Nott

Look closely for the three tiny white spheres in this next one. The first object appears between the clouds in the middle of the screen while the second object can be seen coming in from the top of the screen towards the right. The third is almost too fast to see and comes in from the bottom of the screen towards the right.

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  • Jaime Maussan a ‘respected’ UFOlogist???

    Tsk tsk tsk…

    With all due respect to Damien —and yeah his footage seems pretty interesting— but if I were him, I’d be careful of associating myself with someone like Maussan. The guy is famous for promoting obvious hoaxes, and his ‘analysis methods’ leave much to be desired.

  • Tweety

    This is Tweety. His videos are clearly hoaxes.

    So Sez Tweety. So Sez We ALL.


  • Francois Basilio

    Im really sad to hear your discontinuing the RED PILLS OF THE WEEK! it was one of my favorite parts of MU! where ever you go or what ever you do I hope you all the best! I hope you still will be contributing to MU ??

  • Hey Francois,

    Thanks you so much for your kind words; you are the type of person for which having the burden of coming out with a column every week was totally worth it 🙂

    Yes, I will still be contributing to MU, although maybe not as regularly as I used to. I will only write when I think I have something meaningful to add to the discussion. But by any means I don’t want to lose touch with my readers 😉




    Please don’t stop contributing to the MU. I get excited to see your perspective on different stories. I’ve been a lurker for so long. Please keep up the good work.