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Green UFO Recorded During Montreal Weather Report

Watching the local weather report is generally just a boring activity between the news and sports, but viewers in Montreal will be paying closer attention to theirs after a glowing green UFO appeared while a reporter was being filmed outside.

The incident occurred on October 2 at 10:38 pm. Weather specialist Colette Provencher of the Montreal news agency TVA was delivering her report from a rooftop when a bright green glowing ball shot into view above her right shoulder. As it dropped in the sky, it turned orange before disappearing over the horizon. Provencher had no idea it happened and the program moved on to a report about a nearby fire. TVA later checked with the local police who stated the fire was not related to the green UFO.

Was this UFO a green fireball? The mystery and controversy surrounding green fireballs dates back to the late 1940s when they began to be spotted regularly in the southwestern United States, especially over – you guessed it – New Mexico. Meteor expert Lincoln La Paz investigated and concluded that they were not meteors but could be Russian spying devices or possibly alien spacecrafts. Enough reliable witnesses saw them that an investigation called Project Twinkle was implemented. It quickly determined that the green fireballs WERE meteors, a conclusion disputed by La Paz, and the project was dissolved after two years.

As for the Montreal green fireball, Sebastien Giguere, scientific and education coordinator for the Mont-Mégantic Observatory AstroLab, said it was a meteor that had been seen that night in many parts of the eastern U.S. and that the green color could just be an indication that it contained magnesium, which burns blue-green. This was disputed by Pierre Hudon, a meteor expert at McGill University, who said he had NO reports of meteors in the area that night and, if it were a meteor, it would have lit up the sky behind Provencher’s head.

Why such disagreement among meteor experts? Is there a secret military base in Montreal? Is the Russian government spying on Canada? Did an alien spacecraft misread its GPS directions to Area 51? This green fireball is a long way from being resolved.

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  • Ben

    I saw a green fireball 2 years ago with my two brothers in the Canyonlands of southern Utah. It was very obviously green and fiery and it did, in fact, light up the entire sky and area we were camping in as if it were daylight. It was much closer than the object seen in the video and appeared to be traveling across the sky, whereas the object in this video appears to plummet straight down. The other noticeable difference was small sparkly pieces that came off of the fireball as it traversed the sky. After it disappeared into the distance we heard/felt a very loud BOOM that carried for miles. Presumably the impact. Natural or unnatural it was the single most spectacular thing I have ever witnessed.

  • RotorRob

    Sure is a perfect sphere.

  • Occam

    Wouldn’t the simplest explanation be the giant moving skylight in the background causing some refraction (illusion) on the camera lens (often greenish). I live in the area and haven’t heard of the “phenomenon” or a meteor falling to the ground. Skylight it is.. Occam’s razor dudes, think for yourlselves.

  • Zap Andersson

    Well, I just put some cool LED’s on my quadcopers. Gonna create some awesome “UFO Observations” this fall/winter. Mouhahaha. Hahahahahaaaa. 🙂

  • Bear1000

    It’s strange how it just seems to form into being as it’s coming down and then dissipates after a few seconds while falling to the ground. Is it an alien spaceship? A Russian spy probe? Who knows!