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Photo From Dudley Castle May Show Grey Lady Ghost

After visiting Dudley Castle in England, a couple looking through trip photos on their cell phone spotted something strange. Zooming in as far as they could, they saw what they believe is the image of the legendary Grey Lady ghost who has allegedly haunted the castle grounds for centuries.

Dean and Amy Harper took the photo from the top of Dudley Castle tower on August 30th. Dean says something in this picture of the Sharington Range Tudor palace caught his wife’s eye.

On looking through the images that evening Amy saw a glow, as though a light was on, on the top window level. On zooming in we noticed on the bottom, inside an arch, there was a lady and what appears to be a little girl, too. Neither of us are ghost hunters but we do wonder if this could be the Grey Lady ghost – the picture is quite clear.

The location of the window and a magnification showing the image.

The location of the archway and a magnification showing the image.

The Grey Lady is believed to be the ghost of Dorothy Beaumont, who died there around 1646 shortly after giving birth to a child who died shortly after the delivery. She was said to have asked her husband to bury her next to the baby and to attend the funeral. Neither of those things happened, giving her a couple of reasons to haunt the grounds. Sightings of the Grey Lady have been reported near the Castle Keep and in the Grey Lady Tavern, where her shadowy blue mist is said to cause a sudden drop in temperature.

Is the picture quite clear, as Dean Harper suggests? It could be that a real person was standing in the shadow of the doorway. Experts say it’s more likely that the Dudleys, and most others who looks at the photo, are suffering from pareidolia or matrixing – the tendency to see what you want to see in an image. Or it’s a fake.

Jill Hitchman, head of media and communications at Dudley Zoo, which is in the castle grounds, is a believer.

This image is incredible because it was taken from the top of the castle on a mobile phone camera and still manages to pick out the outline of what seems to be a female figure in the doorway.

Then again, she has tickets and beer to sell. What do you think?

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  • Manuel-heather Chavez

    No way in the 1500’s the dress would have been different … And why a gray dress… Its Jane gray and she was a Protestant. And she love her black as did Elizabeth back around that time . every good Protestant wore black back then.