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12.19 – MU Podcast


Australian author and researcher Paul Cropper returns to the show to discuss his new book co-authored with Tony Healy: Australian Poltergeist.

This is the first book to examine the history of the Poltergeist phenomenon in Australia and includes Paul and Tony’s direct encounters with a mysterious unseen intelligence.

Paul Cropper

Tony Healy and Paul Cropper – Australian Poltergeist



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  • maya

    I’m Terrified of My New TV: Why I’m Scared to Turn This Thing On — And You’d Be, Too.

    See, this is why our public school system should require the origins of US Constitution law comprehension course be taught to all students in the US, a basic understanding of law, because the founders where NOT stupid men, and most Americans (other that lawyers) understand the how and why behind reasons the founders derived US Constitutional laws in the way they did. Not just give students a stupid pledge of allegiance to symbols devoid of meaning, other than fireworks, parades, holidays and little soldier boy scout BS.

  • maya

    “Ghost inside my Child”
    Yeah, one episode is of a child from the 9/11 event. I am wondering what the ghost of 9/11 have to say, having talked to the divine and come back to, dare I say “roost” now?

  • Living closer to water might not prove to be so ‘relaxing’ anymore… thanks to Global Warming.

  • Nimue

    I truly appreciated the segment on the Four Types of Sleep Schedules and How Artists Work. I was always a night owl (and still love owls, obviously) until I changed careers and became a full-time writer. Without it ever being my intention, I now get up earlier in the morning and do most of my writing early in the day. Strange, as I had always felt I was the most creative in the evenings. While almost all of my writing as been corporate/medical ghostwriting, I’ve just recently started branching into doing some fiction on the side. Though I still do most of it earlier in the day as well, I find I can channel creative energy in the evening, writing by candlelight once the sun has set.

  • Clifford Smith

    If wanking is so good for creativity why hasn’t a teenage boy won the Nobel for literature yet?

  • James Cates

    I just could not keep a straight face every time I heard Humpty Doo.

  • chefjas

    Did I hear you say that the comet and the probe that landed on it were moving “close to the speed of light”? Huh? If we (or ESA) has developed probes that move close to the speed of light, then we should be very close to astral travel. Just curious.

  • azzwright

    No 🙂 I meant the radio signal.

  • Jill

    I agree, Maya!