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Mysterious Booms are Being Reported Across America Again

From time to time, reports of mysterious “booming” noises or explosions have been catalogued, and of apparent unexplained origin. Several researchers and writers, including Charles Fort most famously, have documented such phenomenon, with a scientific treatment being afforded the subject more recently by American physicist William R. Corliss, who covered the phenomenon extensively in his writings over the last few decades.

Such phenomenon is frequently reported in the present day just as well; 2014 has been a particularly interesting year for those claiming to have experienced mystery explosions, and in some cases, even earthquakes accompanying a few of the anomalous sounds.

Among the recent reports of “mystery booms”, one location had been the town in Salina, Kansas, where a number of residents were reporting having heard something akin to a loud explosion around November 13. “We’ve called the local police department, the Smoky Hill Bomb Range and Westar,” reported the area KWCH News, “but at this time no one seems to know what’s behind the boom.”

Then on November 16, similar reports were stemming from the Dayton Ohio area, more specifically around the townships of Springboro, Miamisburg, and Centerville. “One Miamisburg man said the loud booms sounded like an explosion, and that the last one sounded louder than the first,” reported Dayton’s WHIO News. The noises in this part of the country were also covered here at MU by my fellow blogger Paul Seaburn in this article.

Then earlier in June of this year, a “puzzling” earthquake event was reported near a New York City nuclear plant, with many similar reports of a “loud booming” being reported in the area. Part of the puzzle had been the fact that the “mystery” quake had not occurred around a fault line, prompting Prof. Leonardo Seeber of Columbia University to describe the phenomenon as unexplained, describing that “they tend to come in bursts.”

“I’m concerned, let’s put it that way,” he added.

Most recently, strange quakes and loud booms have been reported in the vicinity of Cape May, New Jersey, where one of my readers, Lindsey, says people have been reporting the strange sounds in conjunction with, of all things, the recovery of a number of relics from the past:

My coworker has a house in Cape May, New Jersey, and told me there have been a series of mystery ‘booms” and shaking. Locals say these booms [coincide with someone who] uncovered a set of hundred-year-old-train tracks on the beach, and some other bizarre old things that have also been uncovered.

I’m having trouble finding too many reports connecting the two, so it may be an obvious case of mistaken correlation, instead of some fantastic Fortean phenomenon.

Nonetheless, Lindsey managed to find a number of reports that documented the two separate items, and therefore, here’s a breakdown of the events stemming from the New Jersey area at present:

As early as October 29, Shore News Today out of New Jersey carried an article which reported a sonic boom, or perhaps an earthquake, which may have caused the strange noises locals were reporting. However, at the time it was reported that the the U.S. Geological Survey “which tracks earthquakes in near real-time, is not reporting a quake in southern New Jersey.” 

Another take on the matter reported what possibly were Navy aircraft flying in the area; while the planes were later confirmed to have been in the vicinity, the incident in question had been part of an annual exercise that “ended on Friday, Oct. 24 – five days prior to the first rumble across South Jersey,” as reported by the SND

On the highly synchronistic date of November 11th (11-11)a set of surprising preserved train tracks were discovered on a beach nearby. Three days later on November 14, a small earthquake was reported in Rio Grande (yes, also a New Jersey township, despite the misleading name) by the Cape May County Herald. By November 16, some residents of Cape May County began to suggest that the appearance of the tracks had been due to the unexplained “booms”, though it is difficult to assess any direct correlation that might exist between the two.

As noted from the earlier article from June, it seems that some members of the academic community feel that the strange, sporadic nature of the “booms” and occasional earthquake phenomenon could warrant concern. What is their cause, and could there be correlations between some of the reports of strange noises from elsewhere around the country?

In closing, I would ask for any similar reports from MU readers to be sent along to us, either by emailing me here, or by using the comments section below.

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  • SMH

    Maybe this is a cause of some sort of wormhole burst in the atmosphere.
    Displacement of the air like a bubble popping.

  • DOCS

    The “booms” are coming from underground.

  • chris

    When a plane or UFO breaks the fabric of time and quantum jumps into another dimension maybe

  • R. A.

    Micah, there was also another massive explosion near Shreveport, Louisiana a few months ago. It was reportedly similar in size and scope to one that happened in the same area a few years ago. That one was attributed to an explosion at a munitions depot.

    No munitions depot explanation this time….no explanation at all, actually. The news articles mentioned that there was a visible cloud of dust or smoke over the area where the explosion seemed to originate, but no sign of damage could be found.

  • Moon Goddess

    Rhode Island has been experiencing them as well. It first started in 2012 but has happened again twice in the past few weeks,

  • Sharon Tosch

    It happened again in RI, last night (12/24/2014).

  • Casey Myers

    It happened in Perry County Arkansas Today (12/27/14)

  • Kati Williams

    Perry County, Arkansas and Conway County, Arkansas. I heard one last night between 11 pm and 12 am.

  • Julie

    We heard a loud boom last night in Warsaw, IN.

  • Missie King

    Warsaw, IN, heard a loud boom across the whole town. Sounded like an explosion and local police nor the airport could confirm where it had come from. No answers

  • Tara Hively-Saldana

    Warsaw, IN. Just last night.

  • Jessica Randall Underwood

    All across Northern Indiana last night. Here is a link to one discussion of the widespread area the booms were heard.

  • Jenn Gietzen

    Warsaw, IN. Argos, IN, nappanee, IN.

  • Santana

    There was a *boom* and shaking in Warsaw, IN last night.

  • Bethany

    Warsaw, IN…..the town went wild on social media because one was heard last night 1/3/15 at 9:15ish PM ET

  • Amber Swift

    Last night there was a boom sound that rattled the whole house. I went outside to see if something hit the house and found nothing. Now today we were at the store and heard another boom. The dates are January 4 and 5.Today thetime was around 2:46. Now again at 3:13.

  • sarathurston

    There was a mysterious boom today at noon, heard (and felt) from West Deptford on the border of Philly all the way down to Cape May, NJ. Some thought it was thundersnow – however, that seems to be crazy since the area was too large for one thunderclap to be heard at the exact same time (and why did windows shake?)

  • sarathurston

    A lot of people heard one in South Jersey around noon today (the 6th). Some thought it was thundersnow, but the area ranged from across the Delaware from Philly all the way to Cape May. Weird.

  • Kelly

    Franklinville, NJ today (1-6-14) around 12:00 noon. There was a loud boom sound and a slight shaking of my house. I was walking up my back steps when I felt and heard it. It set my dog off barking too. Other neighbors have also reported hearing and/or feeling something at the same time.

  • Brenda Simonsen

    I am in Cape May, NJ. I figured these booms (another TODAY approx noon) were the result of Offshore Drilling. Inland -assuming that fracking would be the equivalent. (?)

  • Kelly

    Today in Vineland NJ I heard a boom and it shook my house at exactly 11:33. A few others heard it also in Vineland but only this side of Vineland felt the rumble.

  • Nadine Govoni

    Cape May, NJ yesterday. Heard the booms around noon.

  • Sherry Davis Cooper

    Mcloud, ok…booms for about an hour today

  • cb

    Just heard one! And last week. It’s so terrifying because you think something blew up or someone collided Into a vehicle with theirs. From glasgow Kentucky!

  • Dale

    Heard one yesterday about 1pm near Platte City.

  • Edward Longbrake

    Before the 1811-12 New Madrid Earthquakes, witnesses say that they had heard loud booms that sounded like cannon fire for several years. Then during the earthquakes, they heard them again, only louder. I have heard booms here in Pope county Arkansas, but I’m not sure what they are. I’m just hoping it isn’t a precursor to another New Madrid event.

  • Nancy Gambrill

    Heard loud explosion or boom 3 hours ago. Many reported on Wicomico First Alert on Facebook. It was heard all over county and also in Delaware. I live in Salisbury, Md.

  • Heather

    Ellwood City, PA. Has been hearing booms for a few years now.

  • Michelle Cayson

    In Victorian times there used to be little huts that women could change into their bathing suits without being seen. Then they would be moved by horse into the water. So no one could “peep” at them.

  • Hassan Lee

    Heard one last week