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Scientist Says Aliens Nuked Martians and We May be Next

Why do many of the photographs of the surface of Mars appear to be of structures that look like they’ve been destroyed and covered with dust? According to a new book by Dr. John Brandenburg, it’s because two ancient Martian civilizations were annihilated by other aliens using nuclear weapons. What’s worse, we could be next.

Image of what appears to be the ruins of a structure on the Martian surface.

Image of what appears to be the ruins of a structure on the Martian surface.

Brandenburg’s book is called “Death on Mars: The Discovery of a Planetary Nuclear Massacre” and will be published in February 2015. He reviews portions of his findings at the 2014 Annual Fall Meeting of the American Physical Society and in a paper to be published in the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics.

Dr. Brandenburg has previously theorized that the red color of Mars and the radioactive substances in its soil are the result of a thermonuclear explosion from natural causes. He now says that the “high concentration” of Xenon-129 in the Martian atmosphere and uranium and thorium on the surface are remnants of two unnatural nuclear explosions, most likely triggered by alien invaders.

Who were these aliens invading and eventually wiping out? Brandenburg believes Mars once had a climate like Earth and was inhabited by two civilizations – one in a region called Cydonia Mensa and another at Galaxias Chaos. Why these two regions?

Analysis of new images from Odyssey, MRO and Mars Express orbiters now show strong evidence of eroded archeological objects at these sites.


The images of what appear to be structures in those areas are indeed mounting, although some, like the so-called “face on Mars” in Cydonia have been attributed to shifting sand.

What does all this mean to Brandenburg?

Taken together, the data requires that the hypothesis of Mars as the site of an ancient planetary nuclear massacre, must now be considered.

Brandenburg further speculates that the Fermi Paradox is due to a powerful alien race wiping out other alien civilizations before they can contact any others. He presents this as a reason to visit Mars and study what happened there so we can be prepared for an attack.

A trip to Mars would answer a LOT of questions, Dr.Brandenburg. His dots are interesting but pretty far apart. Do you think he’s managed to connect them?

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  • maya

    Perhaps it was just a case of mutually assured destruction (MAD) and that is why there are some reports of alien aircraft hovering over missile silos and turning off nuclear devices inside missile bunkers. And doesn’t the Mar’s war look bigger than merely Mars, because stuff on earth’s moon surface also looks like evidence of war, and then here on earth as well too, with a past nuclear blast that turn desert sand to glass?

    And that for some reason world governments are taking great pains to hide this fact from the public. Perhaps because if we knew about how a very old, ancient MAD event caused massive extinction it would cause world-wide earth protest from citizens to demand disarmament of all nuclear weapons.

  • Joy Brett

    Eeeer meteorites!

  • James Hill

    Maybe they did it to themselves before coming here to start over..If it happened at all…And if it happens here we will do it to each other…We already have the stuff to do it with

  • Karasu

    Either that, or they bombed each other

  • John Roop

    Interesting. I should ask my Astronomy professor what he thinks.

  • sim watts

    Completely random bull. ok there is high radiation in atmosphere. lets look for scientific, peer reviewed reason. ok – we published a scientific paper and the scientific reason is aliens haha. lets all make a book and make some money. it is so easy.

  • davidplumer

    It could be that two warring factions
    had a M.A.D. policy, and did each other in. But the doctor’s hypothesis would explain the Fermi paradox, wouldn’t it?

  • Steven Fay

    Great story and great idea, we will have to wait for MAN to arrive on the surface, less the rover or future ones find something more substantial.

  • Nick Gangadis

    I wonder what Dr Brandenburg was smoking when he theorized all that.

  • fieldingbandolier

    The idea of the cosmic filter is so horrifying that some prefer to place faith in the most unlikely scenarios.

  • This can just fuel another great SciFi movie. Nothing else.

  • Tim Tempest

    Yes Mars WAS nuked in past wars..THAT much he got right..

  • eric

    mars is prob where we came from and we are the ones that prob killed it

  • Freddie

    “A trip to Mars would answer a LOT of questions, Dr.Brandenburg. His dots are interesting but pretty far apart. Do you think he’s managed to connect them?”
    Nope. But a pretty vivid imagination. Would make a great SF novel or movie.

  • Guest

    are gonna be Aliens & Marspeople playable on next World of Warcraft expansion?

  • brendan

    Or another species evolved to use nuclear weapons just as we are..?

  • jason bladzinski

    This guy is a quack.

  • Pistol

    this is total fantasy and speculation.. yet another fool attempting to prepare earthlings for a government false flag alien attack.. what better way then to theorize that its already happened on Mars so we can expect it to happen here..This guy is a nutjob… if there was life on mars, why couldnt they have wiped themselves out? its already evident that we are moving in that direction anyway so its plausible we wont need alien involvement when we are doing a damn good job of killing ourselves anyway.. and based on this guys claim, it happened a very long time ago.., so why didnt these nefarious space travelers wipe out the earth when they attacked Mars?? and why would a bunch of astronauts want to stop other civilizations from making contact with other worlds.. Dr. Brandenburg, you need to seek professional help you looney…

  • Brent Swancer

    An all powerful alien civilization going around wiping out others? The question I would like to put forward is why? It surely must take a lot of resources to carry out interstellar travel, so why waste all of those resources and go through all of that trouble just to chug around the galaxy wiping everyone out just for the sake of it? What possible benefit is there to this? Sure, we are a destructive species ourselves but there is usually at least something to be gained from it, no matter how petty.

    Even a nuclear war on our planet that could end everything would be at least rooted in some perceived threat. What threat would a far away civilization that has no contact with you and no means of reaching you possibly pose? With all of the resources locked up in asteroids and planetoids, I’ve always wondered why any alien race would bother to come to Earth or any other planet at all for that matter in the first place, let alone go there just for the sake of destroying it.

    What’s more, if this is really what occurred on Mars (and I highly, highly doubt it), then why not just nuke Earth then and be done with it? Surely they would have been aware that we were on the same track of evolution, so why wait until later, then haul yourselves all the way back just to nuke us when we were farther along technologically? Why not just get it over with?

    I am aware that we can’t possibly know what motives a space faring civilization might have, and if all of this happened there may very well have been a reason that is now lost to time, but at this point this just makes no sense at all to me.

  • mike hunt

    Champion ^

  • Wendy Collins

    They’re all playing other games right now.

    😉 W.

  • WreslingMajor

    If there is one extraterstial race destroying planets then it’s most likely there are many others protecting planets, like a United Nations but for space. The Universe is big so it could have been nobody knew this Solar system existed until it was found by a extremist race and by the time others found out it was too late.

  • Hugo Ortega

    Obviously not based on any rational understanding of Martian geology or weather. Many of these so called blasted structures are merely cause by EONS of sand storm erosion over rock formations. And being that Mars has no tectonic activity it still retains many of the meteor impact craters that were formed at the same time that the ones we see on the moon were. We know for certain that the last time Mars had anything like a habitable environment was BILLIONS of years ago; which makes this assertion preposterous in the extreme.

  • apeon

    Brandenberg seems to have and excess of Plasma between his ears

  • Anon

    With the assumption that life outside of this planet does in fact exist, quite a number of things can explain the Fermi Paradox adequately. A few possibilities that come to mind are something akin to the Federation’s Prime Directive in the Star Trek series. That is, a strict policty of non-interference with other forms of life that have not reached a certain stage in their development.

    There is also the possibility that other intelligent life in the universe simply may not care to announce it’s existence to every planet with life that they might happen to stumble across. Do you often find yourself stopping your day to explain your existence, history, and culture to your dog or an insect? I thought not.

    Another possibility could be that since radio waves are a particularly ineffective and inefficient method of interstellar or even interplanetary communication, that the rest of space-faring intelligent life uses a form of communication which we have not yet developed or aren’t looking for. In effect, we just aren’t “tuned-in” to the right medium to pick it up. Communication exploiting the principles of quantum non-locality, for instance, comes to mind.

    I personally favor something like the Prime Directive as the cause of the silence. It sort of turns the Fermi paradox on it’s head. Rather than the question: “Given the vast eons life has had to colonize the universe, if there is intelligent life out there where are they and why haven’t we heard from them?” it becomes an answer of: “You won’t hear from them until you are ready to join the club”.

  • Ryan Wijayanayakw

    These “geological artifacts” are simply rock. Agreeing with Hugo Ortega, i belive that since Mars is rock the artifacts are simply exposed rock under the sand that looks like objects.

  • Wendy Collins




    I’d pay money to see this theory turned into a movie.

  • Steve

    No, the burden of proof is on the one making the ridiculous claims, not the one calling attention to the fact that the dots don’t connect and the claims are therefore ridiculous.

  • vitalstatistic63

    Not very successful civilizations. Why hadn’t they spread beyond 2 small areas of the planet if they were important enough to bother wiping out with nukes?

  • Bon Jovi:

    Super Saiyans

  • Mr. Dimensional

    Soon they come

  • andre r. gignac

    I have just made the following findings on a NASA photo from the Endeavour Crater: a massive panoramic window on the inside wall of the crater; a solid structure built on the crater’s rim – probably the entrance to a massive bunker; an alien ship over the crater’s floor; and close-by, arranged in a circle, a series of missiles, rockets, and what appears to be a base and housing arrangements. These images are real. I have obtained them by focusing in one area of the NASA-JPL photo and using sharpening and contrast tools. The link to the original image is here (the bunker and alien ship are located on the upper left corner of the original image):

  • andre r. gignac

    Here are the images showing missiles, rockets and housing structures.

  • andre r. gignac

    It’s rather unfortunate that what you just said is not applied to religions.

  • Taurus_KillU

    Based on what? Your infinite knowledge of the universe? Instead of petite insults, prove he is wrong

  • Daemonwulfe

    That is precisely what is going on as we speak.

  • Ian

    They blasted out the Draco and the white race escaped to earth

  • No one said they were only located in two areas. Think.

  • The Europeans came to the Americas long before mass colonization. In fact, many cultures came here.