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Three New Mexico UFO Sightings in Four Days

A four-day stretch last week provided UFO watchers in New Mexico with plenty to talk about as three different sightings were reported there. One has been identified but the other two are still unsolved.

UFO seen on January 15 over Hatch, NM (magnified image in square)

UFO seen on January 15 over Hatch, NM (magnified image in square)

The first sighting occurred on January 15 in Hatch which is near Las Cruces and Spaceport America. The unnamed witness saw the UFO while driving west in I-10 at 4:30 pm. The witness followed the object of an hour but could not identify it, according to the MUFON report.

Would a helicopter hover hundreds of feet for approximately an hour? I don’t know much about helicopters, so I don’t know. Could it be a weather balloon? Maybe, but it seemed extremely large and completely black. I am so very curious about what it could be and I felt a frustration at not being able to identify it.

While the witness stopped at a gas station, the object disappeared.

The second sighting also occurred on January 15 in Santa Ana Pueblo, a tiny town (479 residents) in the Albuquerque area. According to the MUFON report, the unnamed witness was staying that the Hyatt Regency and taking pictures of the dusk sky with an iPhone 4S (photograph at top). He did not see the lights until reviewing the photos and decided to make a report.

I am a licensed pilot, with instrument rating, and a former amateur astronomer, so I’m accustomed to observing the skies and noticing details. These lights were definitely not visible to the naked eye at the time the photo was taken. The lights did not appear in any other photo, either before or after the one being attached, so I doubt this was a malfunction of the camera in my phone.

The last sighting came on January 18. A diamond-shaped object was spotted by numerous witnesses in Albuquerque.

UFO over Albuquerque on January 18

UFO over Albuquerque on January 18

A local TV station checked with the National Weather Service, Kirtland Air Force Base and White Sands Missile Range with no success before Gonner Menning of Q-Lab admitted it was a solar balloon his group was testing.

This was kind of a personal obsession and I didn’t know if it’d work. When we tried it again (Sunday), we thought maybe it’d go 10 feet off the ground. That would have been a success. But this was much better than that, you know.

Real or balloon – is there any better place to see UFOs than New Mexico?

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  • Wendy Collins

    We saw that! It caused quite a stir until the owners explained what it was.


  • Chupacabra

    The first “ufo” looked like a tethered blimp somewhere south of Deming. I saw it the entire drive from Hatch to Deming on Friday the 16th.

  • terryBEAR

    U . F . O is a L I E

    Such weird sightings are made to spy or monitor other countries, certain goverments and CIAs are just conspiring. The CIA already claimed that at least half of all UFO sightings in the 50s and 60s were the work of the secretive agency. I think Area-51 is one of them, no wonder why it’s been one of the top most restricted place on Earth for decades….