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Black Knight Satellite Interest Mysteriously Increasing

A day after I post an article about a new video of Russia’s Tesla Tower, other videos relating to Nikola Tesla began popping up. These concern the Black Knight Satellite whose signals Tesla claimed to have picked up in 1899, long before Sputnik and NASA. Later signals were decoded by a ham radio operator and revealed information indicating the satellite arrived from another star system 13,000 years ago to monitor Earth. Is the Black Knight Satellite showing some interest in Russia’s Tesla Tower?

The videos being uploaded this week don’t appear to be new but their sudden appearance and increased buzz on the Internet about the Black Knight Satellite is.

In 1899, Nikola Tesla picked up unusual signals from an unknown source on his high-voltage receiver in Colorado Springs which he speculated were “intelligently controlled signals” that originated “from another world.” Astronomers have reported picking up similar radio signals since the 1930s and Dr. Lincoln La Paz of the University of New Mexico sighted the possible source in Earth orbit in1953. The U.S. Department of Defense commissioned astronomer Clyde Tombaugh to look for it. A famous article about the Black Knight was published in both the St. Louis Dispatch and The San Francisco Examiner on May 14th 1954. At that time, there were no man-made objects in Earth orbit … that we know of.

Black Knight Satellite near the Space Shuttle in 1998

Black Knight Satellite near the Space Shuttle in 1998

That changed in 1957 when the USSR launched Sputnik 1. It was reported that an object believed to be the Black Knight Satellite was “shadowing” Sputnik 1. When Sputnik 2 was launched a month later, Dr. Luis Corralos of the Communications Ministry in Venezuela photographed it again shadowing the satellite. In 1960, a Grumman Aircraft Corporation tracking camera took a picture of it but the company kept its findings secret. In 1963, U.S. astronaut Gordon Cooper reported seeing a UFO like the Black Knight in front of his capsule. A photo taken during a space shuttle mission in 1998 (seen in the videos) shows an object many believe is the Black Knight and a 2014 video feed from the ISS shows a similar object.

Of course, there’s much more about the Black Knight that we know and don’t know, including the link to Philip K. Dick. The military and space programs of both the US and Russia have acknowledged at least the possibility of its existence.

Why the sudden interest in videos about the Black Knight Satellite? Does it have anything to do with Russia’s Tesla Tower? The Roswell slides? Are we getting new signals? What else could it be?

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  • Darkwaters

    Who is this super brain, ham radio op who decodes 13000 year old alien satellite signals?

  • Kyara Peacock

    SO let me get this straight. Google Earth can take detailed pictures on wildebeasts in Africa, but NASA, who has known about this object for how long now and that is the best image they can take of it?

  • oldsgtjoe

    if there is a alien satellite the U.S and the Russian would be all over it for the high technology and the public would be in the dark about it,

  • Sir John Henry Balls

    Maybe, one day, someone will go up in space and bring it back to Earth, and then, one day, Giorgio Tsoukolous will wear one on his lapel.

  • J.Griffin

    There is much more to this than just sensationalistic mismatched opinions.

    There was a large satellite observed by the US and Russia early on.

    It was recorded in mainstream media but after being investigated by
    the Grumman Corporation,it was downplayed as remnants of one of the early
    American satellites.

    The problem with this is that it was well known by the Pentagon and the White House that the satellite in question had already burned up after re-entering the earth’s atmosphere some time earlier.

    that craft was MUCH smaller.

    the object in question was orbiting MUCH faster and in the wrong direction-
    Russia and America launched so as to favour the Earth’s rotation
    and this object was in contra-rotation to their orbits.

    No one on Earth could have launched that object due to the size and
    direction of orbit.

    Do your own research,
    draw your own conclusions and make of this whatsoever you will…
    Just remember:
    if you postulate some flippant,asinine conclusion
    don’t expect anyone to take you seriously whose opinion actually counts.

    Just take your place in the herd.

  • Ryan Anti-Hero

    Not so mysterious. There’s a Facebook post going around about it the past couple weeks.

  • Kyara Peacock

    But….but…but…we wanna see them!

  • Gulfbuster

    Agreed. If it was artificial and in orbit we would have checked it out long ago…………but perhaps we did. You don’t really think they’d tell us do you ?

  • Gulfbuster

    Spot on Sgt. Vietnam Era. I salute your service !

  • Gulfbuster

    Very funny best laugh I’ve had all day. Thank you Ms. Peacock !

  • Gulfbuster

    This story has been around a long time and wan’t there some guy who (maybe who you are referring to) who went public and was later discredited as well as the whole theory he proposed ? Not attacking here just asking.

  • R. A.

    The astronomical information regarding Epsilon A and B appeared to rule out the possibility of life evolving on a planet in that system(as some thought the “message” implied), and there were other questions, possibilities, challenges, and problems with the idea.

    As for being discredited, I don’t know. I’m sure the idea would be considered utterly discredited by many academics. Who cares? XD

    If you are interested in all the details, start here:

    There are citations throughout and references at the end for further research.

  • John Thoma

    All I’m seeing is speculation and little in the way of proof. 13000 years old? How would one even know that? Last I read, NASA seemed pretty confident it was just an old thermal jacket from a previous EVA. As for it being thought of as an actual satellite, it’s fight path was eerily similar to a satellite that was shady in space. Not much of a mystery. So until someone here actually comes up with actual hard data or paperwork, I’m just gonna have to trust the people who have provided it.

  • cucaracha guacamole

    Paradigm shift indeed. Maybe just bogus clickbait and not bored old tired cover-up fantasy. Certainly sells books and keeps crazies focused on bullshit. I guess without this effluent they’d still be chasing leprechauns. Alien satellites are so much more cool and modern than genies and Santa Claus. Wait a minute, maybe it’s Santa’s workshops!

  • Chance

    Research it more before you dismiss this as bullshit. I’m not buying into the whole 13,000 year old thing but it was discovered before the human race started launching satellites. The U.S. govt didn’t release a formal statement on it till they could say it was a thermal jacket. Do your research before you just post blind comments, it just makes you look ignorant otherwise

  • John Dee

    on what frequency is/was this mysterious object transmitting,….???

  • Albert Nairn

    Would anyone agree that the mystery is anyway related to religion.Also maybe there is some truth to us entering a higher level of ourselves in the cosmic realm? Is there a new light coming to us ,Not from the sun. To enlighten those who are “open” or aware or good. Is God a Heavenly Alien? Are we not all alien to some degree.These things many things are intermingled with truths and lies. Always a curve ball in there to throw us off. Maybe now with all of us connecting to one another something will come to light.Constantly little by little. I believe,Have faith The truth will be revealed . I myself am ready to know,However there is some fear and possible disappointment . That I’am just a insignificant being.

  • King Kenneth

    Most ham operators operate from the citzen’s band (kilohertz) to 2 meter to 10 meters (maybe longer), some may have special permission to access Mhtz and Ghtz band widths.

  • Batty Mystic

    They do know what it is. They just don’t want the public to know.

  • Phillip Michael Lord

    What is keeping it up there? Why didn’t anybody related to the space stations ever investigate? Hard to imagine the Russians or China ignoring it. America hasn’t been up close and uncomfortable?

  • Phillip Michael Lord

    What is it Mystic?

  • Batty Mystic

    I don’t know for sure.

  • Vanderbil Covington

    Governments of the world know they cannot deny existence of the object because it is there for everyone to see. I would venture that scientist probably are also aware of more than they are telling the public. The fact that the object has been in a polar orbit around Earth long before any modern satellites were launched indicates it is not of human origin. This goes to prove we are living in a socially intellectual matrix where governments control information, leaving the masses to believe only what are told to believe — while the truth remains in super secret echelons of the privileged

  • Vanderbil Covington


  • Vanderbil Covington

    Scientist would have you believe evolution of modern humanity came as an unbroken linear progression covering just 200,000 years. This is totally WRONG. Since the Earth was environmentally habitable, about 2 billion years ago, the planet has hosted many sentient life forms. Some have evolved and left Earth long before the dinosaurs roamed the planet. Due to natural disasters and wars, several civilizations perished, while others left Earth. More than a few had reached sophisticated levels of high technology– exceeding anything know today. Most evidence and artifacts of this very ancient past have been lost to tectonic subduction of land and seas. Some artifacts survived — one being the “Dark Knight” satellite

  • John Callaghan

    Can’t tell what it is or it isn’t, until you actually caught it and researched it.

  • Alyx Christophe

    Perhaps Giorgio is an alien and that is why we can’t place the accent. His hair is wild, maybe to hide other things…makes us focus on it instead of…?
    All in fun. You rock Giorgio.

  • Wayne

    swamp gas for sure

  • Except no one publishes any TLE, radio frequencies, or have captured it on video…

  • Leslie Clarke

    If they don’t know what it is and it is indeed some alien technology, it could be dangerous to intercept it.

  • Leslie Clarke

    Except it was observed before we went into space

  • Fag

    How do you know that stuff?

  • Vanderbil Covington

    There are many pictures of the object all over the internet

  • Vanderbil Covington

    The governments know about the object but will not tell you what it is

  • Vanderbil Covington

    First, you should never ask how someone knows what they know. In the most authentic instances, they will not tell you. Even if they did, you wouldn’t believe them

  • Erik

    Uh..NO. The CB band in the US is 26.965-27.405Mhz, channelized – see Part 95. Whereas US Amateur allocations include: 160m, 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 220-225MHz, 420-450MHz…on and on up the spectrum.- see part 97 for more details. 73! KB6LUY.

  • Mr Reynard

    &………Reflected by the light of the planet Venus …

  • jeffrey melton

    Let’s take the shuttle up a see what it is. Oh, yea right, no shuttle. Let’s send a rocket up to see what it is. Oh right , no rockets. I guess that means we have no space program any more. Instead obama charged the head of NASA with the job of making muslims feel good about themselves. How’s that working out for you obama? We could always fly with the Russians.

  • threefourthsofafifth

    Awe. Did the President push your bigot button?

  • Joseph Titus

    The Black Knight is on a polar orbit of the earth now. Obviously it has an unearthly origin. An Amateur Astronomer decoded the message I feel received on the Hydrogen band frequency as originally detected by the brilliant Tesla. It has been around about 13000 years.It appears there is no fresh message: The earlier keeps repeating.We would like to know the origin of the ‘satellite’ and from which star system it emanated..We will never live to learn about the result of an enquiry if we radiate a message to that identified planet or send a craft in that direction. It is only recently that an American craft crossed the threshold of our Solar to he unknowns afterseveral years of launch. The originators of Black Knight should have called us by now if their planet still exists without destruction.Black Knight is older than any space junk which drifted off any of our earlier satellites.It The satellite has a near geometric shape and cannot be any debris: morever its polar orbit is recent from an East West one earlier when Tesla detected was under alien control.