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Sphere in S. Carolina, Orbs Over England, Triangle in Miss.

UFOs come in all shapes and sizes and recently there have been sightings of three different ones. We’ve got a sphere seen in South Carolina, oval orbs over Barwell, England, and a triangular UFO spotted in Mississippi. Are aliens trying to impress us with their mastery of geometry?

Stephanie Davenport saw two spheres in the sky over Taylors, South Carolina, on the evening of March 1st and decided to takes some pictures of what she thought were the sun and moon. As she zoomed in on the moon, she noticed lights all over it. She took pictures of the object from two different locations and all of them had the same lights. A family member who works at NASA told Stephanie the lights were overexposed pixels in her camera. Stephanie doesn’t buy this.

That doesn’t make sense to me because the object was behind clouds in some pictures and behind tree branches in others and out in the open in others. I have no idea what it could be or if it really is the moon.

That relative shouldn’t expect an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner this year.

A video appeared this week of a sighting of two UFOs shaped like oval orbs over Barwell, Leicestershire, England. Joanne Kavanagh says she was awakened by a strange noise at 4:50 am on February 3rd. Looking out the window, she saw the bright orbs and watched them for 90 seconds – taking 20 seconds of video with her phone – before they flew off. Joanne reported an unusual behavior of the orbs.

The lights kept merging into one and moving side to side. Then they shot off at speed together and merged into one again.

Just after midnight on February 26th, Angela Ashton saw a “bright blinding light” through her bedroom window in Lewisburg, Mississippi. A “certified Paranormal Investigator” with Cryptic Shadows Paranormal Research, Ashton grabbed her camera and went outside to film what she described as a triangular UFO “at least the size of a football field.” She observed it hovering noiselessly with lights pulsating and occasionally glowing red. After 20 minutes, it shot straight up and disappeared. A drone expert contacted by a local TV station said the object was not a drone.

(Drones) don’t have lights like you see in the video.

We know the shapes but the objects are still unidentified. Any ideas?

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  • Danakil Horst

    I began as a total skeptic, but the dreary, repetitious and inadequate ‘explanations’ from the ‘experts’ have got to me. Ockham’s Razor says they know more than they are saying (little grey men or no). I’ve seen 3 things that defy my ability to explain (and I spend a fair amount of time looking at the sky; I’m not going to get fooled by a star, planet or satellite, etc., let alone ‘swamp gas’), but I wouldn’t report them, because I know what reception I would get. And I bet there are many like me.

  • jillieanne

    Yet another two inadequate videos of lights which claim to be in the sky. All I see is lights surrounded by darkness. As usual, there are no reference points, the videos are terribly out of focus, shaky. If we want to be taken seriously, we need to get actual proof not videos of lights that could have been taped in a blacked out bedroom. It is sad when a believer such as myself sees these videos and laughs because it is pathetic that this is the best we can do?