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160 Beached Whales May Be a Japanese Earthquake Warning

Six days before the massive magnitude-9 earthquake that triggered the devastating March 11, 2011 tsunami in northeastern Japan, 50 melon-headed whales beached themselves in the area. This week, over 150 melon-headed whales beached themselves on two beaches is the same vicinity. Is this another warning from the whales? Will anyone listen this time?

On April 9, 2015, almost 160 melon-headed whales (Peponocephala electra), members of the oceanic dolphin family related to pilot whales and pygmy killer whales, were found beached on a 4 km (2.5 mile) section of beach in Hokotashi City, Ibaraki Prefecture. The Ibaraki coast guard reported the whales were near death. They saved a few but were forced to euthanize those not already dead. Tadasu Yamada, a senior researcher at National Museum of Nature and Science, gave this comment.

We don’t see any immediate signs of diseases on their bodies, such as cancer. We want to figure out what killed these animals.

Ibaraki Prefecture is also where the 50 melon-headed whales were found beached in 2011, six days before the earthquake and only 100 kilometers (62 miles) from its epicenter.

Before you say coincidence, in February 2011, over 100 pilot whales (close relatives of melon-headed whales) beached themselves on New Zealand’s Stewart Island less than 48 hours before an earthquake hit there. In the months right before the 2004 Indian Ocean (aka Boxing Day) earthquake and tsunami that killed over 230,000 people, over 170 whales beached themselves in New Zealand and Australia.

Indian professor Dr. Arunachalam Kumar believes there is a connection between the beaching of marine mammals and earthquakes.

It is my observation, confirmed over the years, that mass suicides of whales and dolphins that occur sporadically all over the world, are in some way related to change and disturbances in the electromagnetic field co-ordinates and possible realignments of geotectonic plates thereof.

“Beaching” makes these incidents sound like accidents. “Mass suicide” is a warning. Is anyone listening to the whales this time?

A warning from whales to humans?

A warning from whales to humans?

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  • Caleb Mickey

    “We want to find out what killed these whales.”??
    Err. Didn’t you just say you euthanized them? That would mean you killed them would it not? Did they eat them? Or do they need to kill a bunch more? Good luck with that tsunami

  • melonrose

    Very interesting speculation. Hope there’s no truth to it though, as I currently reside in Japan lol.
    But it’s really funny how egocentrical humans are…

    “A warning from whales to humans?”

    Lol. Let’s get over ourselves.

  • Brent Swancer

    I too live in Japan now. They’ve been saying all kinds of weird stuff over here about these whales. The thing is, although “earthquake!” was the first knee-jerk response, now there are some voices of dissent, saying that there is no evidence that the beachings are tied to earthquakes at the moment. Whales and dolphins beach themselves all of the time for a variety of reasons. I think the reasons behind this one are likely to remain nebulous. Unless a tsunami comes crawling right up my… well, I’ll be the first one to post here if “earthquake” is the correct theory.

  • Caleb Mickey

    Don’t mistake sarcasm for trolling.

  • Caleb Mickey

    You do raise a good point though. Perhaps that joke was a bit racist and rather insensitive. But maybe that’s why it was funny.

  • Caleb Mickey

    I had one final though about this topic. There are two sides to every coin. Yes it’s very unfortunate these creatures got confused and died. None would disagree there. However, life feeds on life. What does a bear do when it sees a salmon dying in the river? Furthermore it’s no secret that the Japanese like to eat whales. What does one do in this situation. Do you leave them on the beach to rot? Haul them off to be incinerated? Or would you put them on ice and feed half of Tokyo for lunch?

  • Drayson Roberts

    No, the radiated water and debris from the Fukushima nuclear power plant wreckage that the Japanese have been are constantly pouring into the Pacific, ever since that earthquake in 2011 destroyed the plant, is killing off all the aquatic life in the Pacific.

  • Neko

    Trolling is making comments with an intention of provoking strong emotions in readers. So sarcasm can be trolling, and your sarcasm kinda sucks. Keep up the work though. Practice makes it better! Try looking deeper into problems. Remember the main rule of trolling: sound sincere – that’s what shows your the trollest of all trolls.

  • Theory

    As worrisome as the radiation may be, it’s unlikely the primary cause of these incidents, especially as it happened many times prior to the Fukushima event and outside the Pacific ocean.
    The simultaneity is strange, and does suggest an environmental factor. I have difficulty with the direct correlation of the earthquakes to the beaching though.
    The timing suggests they are connected, but the timing seems off for direct cause and effect. Granted, I’m not familiar with how impending earthquakes would affect sea life, especially several days prior.
    There are likely intermediate steps we have yet to discover.

  • Theory

    People rarely eat food that died from unknown causes. Even the ones that were euthanized were physically distressed. SOP for unknown cause of death is to assume it is something toxic out of an abundance of caution.

  • Joao T

    And who would want eat fish from an ocean that filled with radiation??

  • Joao T

    Who would want eat fish from an ocean that filled with radiation?? Earthquakes in the Oceans is a lot of times the reason of the death of many fish. Even with small shakes it releases a lot of gas. But… why not other fish also?

    Sharing and answer from: sumit chaterji melon rose wrote and I totally agree… • a day ago
    whales and dolphins are have much more evolved capacities of connecting to the Gaia vibrations and planetary frequencies – fyi

    Thank you!

  • J.Griffin

    Check the size-
    Those aren’t blue whales.

    After cleaning,
    they wouldn’t feed many.

  • J.Griffin

    Try again-
    No one really cares anyway.

  • Gretchen Rainforest Gusky

    this is amazing info and was brought to my attention by a friend after I had just posted an article about the Quileute people at Lapush Beach Washington, who after a ceremony, that has been performed every year for thousands of yrs, where they drum and call in the whales and dolphins to the bay, and they showup!!! They gave the Chief this year a message that they needed to move to higher ground, that a tsunami would hit the coast…however the time was not until 2017 ~ so the town is moving to higher ground, the Quinault people are also moving to higher ground, in Taholah Washington… google ‘Aalto University helps Native Americans relocate….’

  • BamaG

    6.8 earthquake hit off coast of Taiwan

  • Ian

    Still laughing?

  • cool_buol

    Or maybe they don’t like all plastic a d other pollutants in the ocean …

  • mindful1

    M 7.8 in Nepal, April 24, 2015

  • melonrose

    Yep. Lol. ;p Whether it is true or not, I highly doubt the whales are congregating together to plan mass-suicides for the sole-purpose of warning the ‘precious humans’ of on-coming disaster. lol

  • Edgar Friendly

    This was posted on 4-14, six days before the 6.8. Your usage of the “lol” numerous times highlights your nervous displeasure at the possibility that you don’t know everything. Do you feel better?

  • Bjørnar Nicolaisen

    It’s much more likely to believe that seismic blastings create panic amongst whales and serious injuries if the whales are close enough to the air guns. Strandings next. It’s logic, but of course it fits the oil industry very well if scientists come out in medias and claim that earthquakes “may be the reason” why whales are stranding in large numbers around the world.
    Confusion is clearly a strategy that the oil industry uses.