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Mysterious Siberian Crater May Have Spaceship In It

Those mysterious holes that have been forming in Siberia just got another mystery. The Siberian Times reports that a team of researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences was investigating one of the large craters recently and reported finding an “unidentified object resembling a space capsule” at the bottom. Shortly thereafter, the team’s satellite telephone link disconnected and they have not been heard from since. A helicopter crew that was also in the area reported having mechanical difficulties and was rescued but there were no signs of the three-man crater team. Were the stories about the craters being caused by methane gas released by climate change a cover-up for something bigger?

Satellite image of the Crater where the spaceship was reportedly found

Satellite image of the crater where the spaceship was reportedly found

The mysterious craters have been appearing primarily on the Yamal peninsula, although a number have opened east of it. Until now, speculations on what’s causing them bounce between explosions due to methane gas heating as the permafrost thaws from unusually high temperatures and pingos, which are mounds of earth and ice that collapse into craters as the ice melts.

Details on the expedition are scarce. The Siberian Times says the team was at the crater taking measurements. They reported finding a grey-colored object made of a metal “unknown to earth” at a depth of 48 meters in a “hostile environment.” No other details of why the environment was hostile were given. The photograph shows snow and wind when the team took off but that’s nothing hostile to Siberians.

Photograph of the team reportedly taken before heading to the crater

Photograph of the team reportedly taken before heading to the crater

What happened to the three men after their phone cut out? This is the statement from the Emergencies Ministry:

At this moment their call ended, and we could not reach them again. When we sent a back-up helicopter to the site there was no sign of the three-man team. They have vanished. The crater was empty. Searching will continue throughout 1 April. [Rescuers] do not exclude that the men have been kidnapped.

Is this related to the mysterious flash seen before four new holes were found in February? Did the team find an alien spacecraft and disappear because of it? Who or what would have kidnapped them? Comments on the web site point out that the date of the article was April 1 but that’s probably a coincidence since there are no other prank stories and The Siberian Times has been serious about its coverage of the Siberian craters to this point.

What do you think? We’ll keep an eye out for any updates.

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  • r1ch1EG

    Interesting, I’ll be keeping a close eye on this over the next days.

  • Geraldine Duran

    Abduction!!!! They got too close for comfort!!

  • Richardson McPhillips

    I like that “resembling a space capsule”.

  • Cory Martin

    The original article was posted on April 1st as a joke. Cmon folks, do some research.

  • Phillip Morton

    I’ll have to admit… these holes are strange. I’m more and more intrigued by the minute. No matter what the story truly is – I’m betting it’s fascinating!

  • Lorne Wardell

    Well it`s probably an April Fool joke—but think about this—
    Many UFO`s have been seen around volcanoes, some even flying down into them.
    The latest theories about possible life forms on other planets suggest that they might not need to have evolved in the “habitable zone” orbits of stars, but may live under the surfaces of other worlds, where liquid water and heat comes from molten cores.
    If that were the case, when they visited us they might be more interested in our volcanoes than in our surface.
    They might also want to send probes to determine how easily underground resources can be accessed.

  • Douglas Adams

    Remember when the giant light fell off of the dome in the Truman Show? Maybe the galactic production corporation is doing some maintenance on the dome over Siberia…

  • Ron Parker


  • Larry Balan

    Probably extraterrestrial beings responsible for the abduction. These massive holes aren’t normal. There is something unusual going on here.

  • Richard Porter

    Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s we had Thursday Night UFO’s. It was a regular deal there for a while. I’ve see n them move both very fast and slow and silent just overhead.

  • maya

    Well if it’s not an April fool’s joke, knowing what happened in the Dyatlov Pass Incident, I don’t think that Russia’s aliens as are all that friendly.

  • Jonalong

    There are various explanations of the technology used by aliens. Try ‘Earth, An Alien Enterprise’ – a book by Timothy Good. It is fascinating.

  • welovetheUSA

    There are openings like this in Antarctic.