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13.18 – MU Podcast


Researcher Gerard Aartsen joins us to present his research on Contactees and their message of benevolent alien contact.

We then trace the connections of famous 1950s contactees to the mysterious Mahatmas, the white lodge, and the secret occult societies that emerged at the turn of the 20th century.

Gerard Aartsen


Our attempt at de-blurring the Roswell Slide

deblurred plaque

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  • Bazilisk

    Let’s see, Maitreya’s been active since ’77? You mean when Talking Heads released their debut album?

    Clearly it’s David Byrne.

  • StaticSkies

    Well it’s obvious who Maitreya is. Emerged in the 70’s. On TV. Recognizable. Lots of interviews.
    Paul Reubans, AKA Pee-Wee Herman. He started in the 70’s and took about 6 years to come into his own with an HBO special. ’82 he comes into his own, and has arisen, then sunk back into obscurity, in cycles.

    Prove Me Wrong.

  • Jencendiary

    Even though their first record didn’t drop until 1980, U2 had been gigging since the late 70s. Clearly, Bono is the Maitreya. Obviously.

  • Jencendiary

    Also, now that I have your eternal gratitude for solving that mystery, could I ask a personal favor? Could y’all review some books that are available unabridged on audiobook? I’m working on Graham Hancock’s Supernatural and have Strassman’s DMT: The Spirit Molecule lined up on deck next. But the pickings are slim in these niche topics.

  • Brian W. Hastings

    Why does everything seem to start in 1977? What is up with my birth year?

  • trashnam

    I sometimes feel there are people who put too much faith into these “aliens”. When in the history of mankind has this colonizing been gentle and not deceitful? I feel like this is the same as when the conquistadors gave the prehispanic cultures little mirrors in exchange of gold. Yes, humanity is conflictive and self destructive but that doesn’t mean that -if there is another race interacting with us- that they are this ascended race that only want good for humanity. People keep forgetting the huge numbers of violents, nightmarish abductions and think the so called aliens are good, ascended race that don’t do that, other suspicious matter is: why all the mystery? why all the secret? why hide if they don’t have any agenda?. I find it really naive that this author says that all good contacts = aliens, abductions = lucid nightmares/black ops. Sorry but if Aliens exist and they ever come to visit us, I’m buying a shotgun!

  • Travis Lawrence

    He keeps mentioning these Wisdom traditions as examples of these beings are benevolent. Well, anyone who actually studies in these traditions knows there is a long period of preparation and conditioning upon the initiate to become aware and ready when encountering beings on the astral plane which may bring a negative experience.