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13.21 – MU Podcast


After tasting the latest in ‘Kurzweil Kool Aid’ we continue to discuss the dangers of artificial intelligence, how modern art can save future generations, and the growing industry of professional Russian trolls.

We also feature pre-birth memories of the ‘waiting room’ before incarnation along with phantom hitchhikers and Lancashire’s ‘Goblin builders’.

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  • Danilo B

    In reference to only stone lasting 24,000 years, one of the reasons that artifacts are made of gold is that it doesn’t corrode or degrade.

  • T Durden

    How about a pictographs of a guy pooping into one of these radioactive containers and maybe another guy with a mask and suit? That’ll make you think before you open any container, lol.

  • JahaRa

    I think Kurzwell did not watch enough Star Trek and that professor at Jerusalem is correct. We will be unrecognizable from current humans, we will be the chimps.

    Also, the rush to be the first to have artificial intelligence is not a race between nations, it is a race between corporations.

  • JahaRa

    Aaron, I have had weird messages on my iPhone too, messages that would be dated months ago and I would wonder why it was showing up. I think there are glitches in the network software. Don’t let Ben bother you so much about it,