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After Odd Dawn Shutdown, NASA Has New Take on Ceres Lights

On June 30th, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft was in its current orbit around the dwarf planet Ceres when it suddenly and inexplicably shut down without warning. After a few days of talk about “glitches” and “safe mode,” NASA announced that the craft was operational but in a holding pattern. Just as suddenly, a mission expert announced that those mysterious lights on the dwarf planet’s surface that it has been saying are “ice” are not ice at all but something else. Why the sudden change? Are these two events related?

The official word on the June 30 Dawn shutdown is that the spacecraft’s software detected an unknown anomaly after firing its ion engines to move to its third orbit level closer to Ceres. The craft shut down all activities including thrusting, went into safe mode and requested further instructions from NASA. After two days, NASA announced that the software had been reconfigured and was up and running.

Is there something more to Dawn's 'glitch'?

Is there something more to Dawn’s ‘glitch’?

HOWEVER … NASA decided to keep Dawn in its current orbit until further notice, which is where it sits as of this writing. The reason given was to complete an analysis of what happened and update the flight plan.

And come up with a new story about the lights? While all of this was happening, Christopher Russell, the Dawn mission’s principal investigator, suddenly announced that his team is “shying away from there being ice on the surface.” After pushing the ice explanation ice and running a poll to reinforce it, now you’ve suddenly changed your mind? What is it?

The general consensus on the team right now is that water is definitely a factor on Ceres, but that the spots themselves are more likely to be just highly reflective salt, rather than water.

Russell claims the team failed to get the quality of measurements they wanted to prove the spots were ice or water. Is it possible that the team actually found water … and something else that they don’t want us to see? Did NASA shut down Dawn on purpose, release the “salt” story and keep it in a holding pattern until officials decide what to do about this discovery?

Are the Dawn and New Horizons 'glitches' related?

Are the Dawn and New Horizons ‘glitches’ related?

Or is the Dawn glitch related to the New Horizons Pluto mission glitch and NASA is trying to cover up its own problems? Could the fact that they occurred within days of another “glitch” that shut down the New York Stock Exchange mean that hackers may have expanded their horizons to Dawn and New Horizons?

What do you think?

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  • Theory

    I’m all for questioning the powers that be, but we also have to remember that the tasks they are attempting are incredible. Regardless of the presence or absence of a conspiracy, gathering data and controlling a spacecraft at that distance (or any distance really) is an impressive feat filled with challenges.

    I see the US’s remarkable successes in space flight (compared to the other space faring nations) far more suspicious than our few glitches.

    My theory is that those who may know more of what’s out there steer NASA to uninhabited locations and let them do their science there, with no risk of exposing anything.

  • Apophasis

    I’ll tell you what I think, since you asked… Look closely at the area right around the bright spots and tell me it doesn’t look like they’re casting light sideways onto the surrounding landscape. They look like bases to me, well-lit bases or a colony. They really do seem to be casting light rather than just reflecting, and they’re very bright… Are we ready to meet the neighbors?

  • rsanchez1

    I would hope they don’t have these multimillion dollar machines connected to the Internet!

    Only a nation-state would have the capability of hacking such remote space craft. Maybe someone decrypted the commands but failed a handshake, and both spacecraft required an update for new encryption keys.

    Interesting week, this was…

  • Markansas

    BS. I told you they would lie and shut down

  • Jason

    I realize that there are logical explanations for many of these things. But you have to admit, there sure does seem to be a lot of glitches and technical difficulties whenever an anomaly is detected.

  • ivr the Dawn spacecraft was “…forced to enter safe mode after being hit by a high-energy particle event…”
    The speculation was that it was a cosmic ray. However, we all know the truth: Alien laser beams.

  • Robert Hardman

    If they believe it’s just reflections coming off salt why not leave it above the spots when Ceres is not facing the sun that would prove it pretty much straight away, unless of course it’s an actual light source??

  • Bradley Hall

    We are not alone, its very plain and simple. Look at our planets vast array of life that isn’t human, vast amounts of living things from plants, animals, and insects. If we have all of these things here, now think how vast the universe is, how many planets and stars are out there, theres way too many variables to count in favor of intelligent extraterrestrial life. Its easy to see the odds of life elsewhere just by practically studying our own planet.. Life elsewhere might also be diffferent in its fundamentals of survival. The genetic makeup would almost guaranteed be 100% different

    Im convinced these lights are of intelligent design.

  • Karen Bonner

    The tasks are incredible, yes, from the point of view of the simplistic human mind. In the big scheme of things though the distance we’ve traveled through space could be comparable to you walking down your hallway.

  • LS650



    ice lake my ass ! that is bigger than Las Vegas fuck you NASA and your fukin secrets

  • How convenient.

  • Danshu

    NASA has tons of files and videos they don’t want us to see. They won’t release any of this till we have full disclosure from the White House. There was a convient break in the communications right after Armstrong set foot on the moon. He commented on the size of the two saucers that we’re watching them land. The Russians verified that. Armstrong will talk about it in private conversations. Don’t take my word for it, do the research. Go to U tube and key in Podesta and UFO and see what he says to the National Press Club, he was advisor to both Clinton and Obama. NASA and the government will do anything to hide the truth. Again, do the research.

  • Danshu

    NASA has tons of files and videos of things they don’t want us to see.

  • BSORaiderErie

    Inner galactic spa?
    God Bless the USA!