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Elongated Skull Found at Russian Stonehenge

Nothing says “Those sure look like they could be from aliens” like elongated skulls, those convoluted craniums that remind people of their favorite episodes of classic sci-fi series or alien comedy sketches. That explains the excitement surrounding the discovery of a full skeleton with an elongated skull at Arkaim, better known as Russia’s Stonehenge.

Aerial view of Arkaim

Aerial view of Arkaim

Arkaim is near Chelyabinsk in central Russia just north of the Kazakhstan border. It was discovered in 1987 when the area was about to be flooded for a reservoir. The 220,000 square foot settlement dates back to the 17th century BC – hence the Stonehenge comparisons. Although it was burned down, the layout of the settlement and two outer walls are clearly visible and lead some experts to believe it was an astronomical observatory like Stonehenge.

I know, I know … what about the elongated skull?

Researcher excavating the skeleton and elongated skull

Researcher excavating the skeleton and elongated skull

Researcher Maria Makurova announced the discovery to the Russian news agency TASS. She described it as “a well-preserved skeleton” of a female. The skeleton appears to be from the 2nd or 3rd century AD, most likely after the original settlement was abandoned by its first residents. Markurova speculates she was a member of the Sarmati tribe which lived at the time in what are now central Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

If she’s a Sarmati tribal woman, that might explain the elongated skull since they were known for head binding – the gruesome practice of deforming a child’s head by applying constant force over long periods.

That explanation will satisfy the skeptics but not those who believe that, like Stonehenge, Arkaim may have been visited and perhaps even populated at one time by grey aliens or another alien species with outsized skulls.

Alien or not, this find at Arkaim is another reason to be grateful that this archeological treasure house was not covered by water, fishing boats and jet skis.

You call that big?

You call that big?

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  • J.Griffin

    good spotting.

    That is Richard Kiel,
    AKA “Jaws”,
    from the Twilight Zone episode
    “To Serve Man”.

    In that episode,
    everyone thought that meant they were here to help humanity-
    but it was discovered that it was a cookbook…

    The 509th Operations Group used part of that episode title in an unofficial insignia:

    “In addition to its official insignia,
    during B-2 stealth bomber test flights,
    some members of the 509th Operations Group procured an unofficial insignia invoking an alien,
    the legend “To Serve Man” (referring to this famous Twilight Zone episode),
    and the inscription “Gustatus Similis Pullus”
    (Dog Latin for “Tastes like Chicken”).

    A second variation carried the term “Classified Test Flight”
    instead of the Twilight Zone reference-
    both harkened to the 509th’s connection to the Roswell UFO incident…”

    That was lifted from Wikipedia but those patched are pretty famous,
    or should I say infamous,
    in certain circles.

    Just a bit of alien trivia relating to the back history of that pic there!

  • Sir John Henry Balls

    I’ve never really been of the mindset that anything from space has ever landed on Earth or anyone from space has ever interacted with anybody on this planet, and I’m not trying to disprove this article at all, this is the first thing I’ve seen of an elongated skull found in Russia. But if this story is real, added to the fact of the elongated skulls found in Peru which, I think were found around the Nazca lines. It’s started to make me think differently. Why would a civilization want to make their skulls look like that? It makes me think that there is something to this whole Alien thing. I’m not saying the skulls are alien, maybe it is possible that something has come to Earth, and people wanted to make their own skulls look like what or whoever it was that they saw. Especially when you have the Nazca lines associated with the skulls. I’m beginning to think it’s not a coincidence that so many years ago people who elongated their skulls also decided to build giant lines in the ground that could only be seen from the sky just for the heck of it. And if this skull found in Russia is real, and it was found around some kind of observatory, it really does sound a little strange.