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Ghost Plane Seen by Multiple Witnesses in England

There’s an area in the Peak District of northern Derbyshire that’s known as the Bermuda Triangle of England because over 50 planes have crashed there, killing over one hundred people. Dark Peak gets its name from its color and its reputation as a home for ghosts and aircraft apparitions, especially since World War II. That tradition continues through today as a number of witnesses recently spotted a WWII-era bomber flying low and silently over Derbyshire.

Airplane wreckage in the Peak district

Airplane wreckage in the Peak district

Richard and Helen Jephson were the first to report seeing the mysterious ghost plane on August 3rd while driving on the A6 in Rowsley. They had their windows down and said the plane looked low enough to touch … and low enough to notice that it was completely without sound. They feared it would crash but instead it disappeared. The Jephsons thought the plane was a Lancaster, the four-engined heavy bomber used by the RAF in WWII.

A Lancaster bomber

A Lancaster bomber

An RAF veteran who also witnessed the flight of the ghost plane disagreed. Eighty-eight-year-old George Furnace saw it out of his bedroom window and thought it was too small to be a Lancaster and that it looked more like a Liberator, the American B24 bomber that also had four engines. Richard Burley, who watched the ghost plane fly low over some trees while golfing, agreed that it was smaller than a Lancaster, had an antenna and was camouflaged.

Local military and airport officials said there were no air shows or historical plane flyovers in the area. There are very few of these planes left and even fewer are operational, so their flights would be well-known. And, unlike in the reports, loud.

Did these people see a ghost plane flying over Derbyshire? The history of ghost WWII bombers in England was well-documented recently by Mysterious Universe. These planes may have slipped through a hole in time or possibly exist in another dimension. Or they could be dedicated pilots and crews who are still defending their country even after death.

Flowers are placed on the remains of the planes in November on on Remembrance Sunday

Flowers are placed on the remains of the planes in November on on Remembrance Sunday

Until one of these ghost planes lands, the residents of Derbyshire will just keep watching, wondering and waving.

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  • Dr. Charlton Charles

    I think this has to do with the newly recognized phenom of “fake planes” as they are called by fringe researchers. It is related to UFO’s and not necessarily in an extra-terrestrial fashion either. There are literally thousands of videos on youtoob that show sometimes strange looking airplanes flying slower or faster than possible, and doing weird things like blinking out or disappearing or simply hovering in place. I’m surprised that the mainstream researchers like Richard Dolan and others never talk about it as it is well known to those that investigate it, and should be a hot topic in the UFO community.

  • S Walmsley

    I saw a low flying, silent aircraft over the village of Moneyash, on Friday 5th May 2017; it was a little after 12:00pm. I’ve been searching for WW2 planes online to try and identify what I saw and, before coming across this article and George Furnaces observations, thought it looked more like a Liberator plane than anything else. Great that George thought the same. I didn’t see camouflage, the body was gunmetal grey. It was a breathtaking and eerie sight.