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Possible Pterosaur Recorded Flying Over Idaho

If you took a survey asking which dinosaur people would most like to see in modern times, the answer would probably be the flying reptile (yes, it’s not really a dinosaur) known as the pterosaur. A video taken recently in Boise, Idaho, shows what looks like a pterosaur soaring across the sky. Have millions of wishes come true?

The defining characteristics of a pterosaur are a wide bat-like wingspan and a large backward-pointing crest. The creature in the video appears to have both. It flaps its wings, glides and does some sort of maneuver before flying out of sight. Is it real? A fake glider or kite? CGI?

There have been a number of alleged pterosaur sightings around the world. Texas and California are the states in the U.S. where some have occurred. In Texas, there were reports of pterosaurs in Harlingen in 1976, San Antonio in 1976 and Los Fresnos in !982. No photos were taken but three-toed, 8-inch tracks were found in Harlingen. Pterosaurs have also reportedly been seen in Kansas, Utah, Arizona and Ohio … and now Idaho.

The flying creature appears to be checking the ground for prey or doing a flip

The flying creature appears to be checking the ground for prey or doing a flip

As expected, there are many more pterosaur sightings in Africa and on remote Pacific islands. In 1923, natives in Zambia reported seeing what they called a kongamoto, which means “overwhelmer of boats,” and said it looked just like drawings of pterosaurs. There have been many reports of pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea, where it’s called a ropen and has the unusual characteristic of glowing while flying.

Has some species of pterosaur survived extinction for 65 million years by hiding in the jungles of Africa or the forests of Idaho? Where are they? Are they sharing hiding places with thunderbirds? It’s difficult to judge the size and shape of birds, bats and gliding animals when seen in flight, especially at night. Does that explain every sighting of a pterosaur?

What do you think? Does the video from Idaho nudge your needle towards ‘yes’ or ‘no’?


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  • I’d suspect a pterosaur to have more translucent wings…

  • The flap pattern doesn’t look natural to me, its body and head are much too rigid (especially during the flip), and the camera operator seems to be a little too good at predicting its movements. Not necessarily an intentional hoax, but it’s not a living creature.

    That said, the indigenous sightings are very credible IMHO and it’s not unlikely that some pterosaurs survived into the 20th century.

  • HarryHotspur™


  • steve philbrook

    Whatever it is it’s cool

  • Zach Bond

    Not even a good fake.

  • Marybeth French

    They have been reported in Zaire for decades

  • EtherealOcean

    As an avid cryptid researcher, I’ve come across quite a few (possible) historical and modern sightings of living pterosaurs in the USA, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand. The object in the video does possess a few commonly-occuring elements that feature in eyewitness descriptions – namely, it’s a pterodactyloid with a Pteranodon-like crest, is dark in colour, has brownish coloured wing membranes, and flies using a combination of glides and flaps. If the video isn’t a hoax, I’d say that the animal in the video is a Ludodactylus, based on the shape of its jaws and crest. If only the camera was good enough for us to see if the animal had pycnofibres covering its body, or a leathery/scaly texture!

    The object’s mode of flying after righting itself is a bit awkward. It’s like it hasn’t got much control over what direction it’s facing while in flight – after ‘dipping down’ in quite a spectacular fashion (I would find it remarkable if a gliding bird could pull off such a maneouver), it rights itself again and seems to drift off sideways as if it’s being carried along by the breeze. I find that to be the most curious thing about the video – more so, even, than the fact that if this video isn’t a hoax, that’s an actual live pterosaur flying over modern-day Idaho!

    The wing movements prior to the ‘dip’ are acceptable, based on our present understanding of pterosaur flight – to be honest, I would have expected a layperson-invented CGI Pteranodon to exhibit different wing movements, with much deeper upward/downward strokes. Still, there are good documentaries out there that a hoaxer could have used for reference.

    At one point in the video the animal briefly opens its mouth, and it surprises me that (if the video had been a hoax) some kind of call wasn’t inserted into
    the video at that point for effect. The sound of the animal’s wings *may* be able to be heard three times in the video, a faint ‘swoosh’ sound, but there are other times that its movements can’t be heard, and the swoosh sounds could have originated from somewhere else outside of view. If the animal was being dragged along behind a drone or plane, it’s so quite it might as well have been silent. If they did come from the pterosaur’s movements, the ‘swoosh’ sounds are quite suspect – but then, I don’t know what the downstroke of the wing membranes of a pterosaur actually sounded like! Were pterosaurs silent in flight? I’d have to ask a knowledgeable paleobiologist for their scientific opinion on that.

    The reaction of the eyewitness who made the video is reasonable; he’s silent for most of the sighting, which I would be too if I saw a pterosaur casually
    flying across the sky and I was trying to concentrate on filming it (the guy’s lucky he had a camera/his phone to hand at the time). That “What the…?” at the end of the clip sounded a bit staged, but meh, it could have been genuine. My response to seeing the pterosaur ‘dip’ down was a muttered “Dafuq?”, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    All said and done, I’m going to call this one a likely hoax. I don’t know what my opinion is on relic pterosaurs. I’d love it if a species or two did still exist somewhere in the world, and the alleged sightings we have from the 20th and 21st centuries of pterosaur-like animals are very intriguing! I’m certainly not one to discount eyewitness testimonies out-of-hand, especially when there’s a good number of them. But I’m aware that there’s a distinctly paranormal aspect to many of our planet’s cryptids, and I don’t
    consider it outside of the realm of possibility that recent and modern pterosaur sightings aren’t something a bit more spooky than a relic population of animals that mainstream scientists and naturalists almost universally consider to be extinct… 😉

  • Greg Araujo

    It’s rodan!

  • J.Griffin

    Swamp gas.

  • J.Griffin

    As time goes on,
    it will only get harder to tell real from fake.

    I have seen many comments on things that were real
    (not paranormal items,things like air crashes) that people were insisting were fake.

    Other things that WERE known&admitted fakes still have some people insisting that they were real.

    As hi-tech fakery gets cheaper& more realistic
    while people get weirder&less realistic,
    things are bound to go downhill from here.

    This sums it up fairly well:

  • SIK Jimmy

    There is absolutely no wind evident in this video for it to be gliding and floating in this manner.After it dips and continues flying it has no momentum to continue at the same height and trajectory without flapping wings for thrust.Vid seems to be BS.

  • Yasser Maniram

    And here I was thinking it was the Pokemon, Charizard. Before seeing the video I would have guessed they used a customized drone but after seeing the clip it just looks like CGI – or in laments terms, too good to be true.

  • Rich Horton

    Uh… the thing is flying sideways at one point. So, no, thanks for trying.

  • Maury Beaulier

    Looks mechanical

  • geoffpace

    It is either cgi or a drone holigraphic projections which rhe Japanese are good at. Or. The r3al McCoy. Choose ye this day which premise ye will serve…

  • Empress Kray Kray de 3rd

    It’s Birdie from McDonalds!

  • Bradley Hall

    Terry from Pee Wee’s playhouse.

  • elfhellion

    That ‘dip’ makes it look like some kind of kite… meh. That said… I have a friend who grew up near McAllen Texas… over the border are the Sierra Madre mountains… and he saw Thunderbirds as a kid, scout’s honor.

  • Tiffany Briley

    Just to casually look down like that & not spin out of control from its flight path makes it not likely a fake! I’d be more afraid of kids missing, getting plucked out of the yard than trying to win arguements of this being a fake myself!

  • Juan p Bonilla

    I seen one before in Kansas around 1996. My sister and I both saw it. It didn’t look like the one in the video tho the one we saw was bigger and had a long tail. It passed by us almost floating high above the ground. I really don’t care if anyone believes me I just thought it was a cool experience and Im glad to have been able to witness something this extraordinary in my lifetime.

  • Heidi Steindel

    I saw one in the late 70’s/early 80’s along a highway. We were driving from Pittsburgh to hilton head and I think we were in the Carolina’s at that moment. It was flying the side of the highway over the treeline. It lasted only for about a minute then it disappeared by the time i tried to get my family’s attention. I am 47 now and I was like maybe 10-13 at the time . It looked exactly like the third photo here. I am 47 now and remember it as clear as if it was today. i do not remember the name of the hwy we were on. Part of me thought it was a drone of some sort but it seemed to have normal animal movements and it was rather huge

  • Marcedes Allan Everts

    I am 49 now and
    I thought I saw one back in early mid 80’s
    One afternoon over greenfield in southwest Iowa
    Years later I saw another one that
    Turned out to be a flying Pelicans ….

  • Gregg Carraway

    That “dip” appears to be the creature looking back to make sure it didn’t miss a food source much like a eagle. I have submitted the video through numerous tests and believe its authenticity. Combined with numerous sightings all over the world it would not be surprising it survived all these years. The kraken was once thought to be myth as well and we know now that not only do they exist but there might be multiple species. There are many animals once thought extinct that somehow survived and to think otherwise is not only naive but Quite arrogant to think we know all and have seen all.