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UFO in Wales is the Latest to Visit a Castle

Castles are some of the oldest structures on Earth, with many in Great Britain and Europe dating back 1,000 years or more. Do these ancient buildings have some attraction to UFOs? Many have been spotted over castles, with the latest sighting occurring this week at the Caernarfon Castle in Gwynedd, Wales.

The daytime UFO sighting was captured on video by Owain Powell, who appeared to be standing in the Castle Square area. The object hovers for a few seconds, the descends out of sight. There are no other videos or eyewitness accounts of this UFO sighting.

Caernarfon Castle is near the remains of Segontium, a Roman fort built around 78 AD. The Normans built a fortification in the 11th century, which was replaced after the 12th-century Edwardian conquest by Caernarfon Castle, which was used through the 1600s. While there have been other UFO sightings nearby, this is the first over Caernarfon Castle.

But not the first over a castle. It seems these old fortifications and settlements are beacons for UFOs. Here are a few recent sightings.

In August 2012, a UFO was seen over the castle Achalm in Reutlingen, Germany, which was built around 1030.

UFO over Edinburgh Castle

UFO over Edinburgh Castle

This UFO was photographed and seen by multiple witnesses over Edinburgh Castle in Scotland in August 2014. It reportedly hovered, then disappeared. Edinburgh Castle is built on Caste Rock, the plug of a 350 million-year-old volcano, which might explain its attraction to UFOs.

The castle sightings aren’t limited to Europe and the UK. In July 2013, Google Earth images showed a UFO over the Pyramid El Castillo (The Castle) in Tukum, Mexico, the pre-Columbian Mayan walled city.

Illustration of UFO sighting at Windsor Castle in 1783

Illustration of UFO sighting at Windsor Castle in 1783

While these castle UFO sightings are recent, there have been more throughout history. This illustration is of a sighting at Windsor Castle on August 18, 1783. A number of witnesses saw a blue spherical object come out of a cloud, hover and travel in various directions before disappearing. The drawing was by Thomas Sandby, a founder of the Royal Academy and a witness with his brother Paul.

Those are just a few UFO sightings at castle locations. Did the royals have some sort of connection with them? There have been stories of royal families being aliens. Could this be proof?

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  • Yasser Maniram

    Lord Mountbatten UFO sighting aside, castles were the highrises of their day. Monumentous projects reserved usually for the elite, castles stood out and continue to stand out in the modern age. However I wonder how many of the UFO sightings above castles were actually just drones flying over for aerial photography.