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UFO Shuts Down a Major Airport in China Again

There don’t appear to be any official records of a UFO ever shutting down a major airport in the U.S. In China on the other hand, it’s happened three times in five years. Are Chinese air traffic controllers more respectful of UFO airspace … or more fearful?

The latest instance of a Chinese airport closing down because of a UFO sighting appears to have happened late last week or over the weekend. A video of a newscast showing the UFO was posted on August 29th, 2015.

There’s no indication of which airport it is (at least for non-Chinese speakers). At the beginning, it shows a round object passing over the airport. The object appears to change forms and become elongated to a cigar shape. The video shows military personnel apparently watching the UFO but no one seems to be mobilizing or panicking. Could it be because they’ve been through this before?

On July 7th, 2010, a UFO was spotted at the Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, China, at 8:40 p.m. by the crew of a plane preparing to land. The crew notified air traffic control and the airport was immediately shut down. All outgoing flights were grounded and 18 incoming flights were diverted to airports in Ningbo and Wuxi.

UFO shuts down Xiaoshan Airport in China

UFO shuts down Xiaoshan Airport in China

Normal operations were resumed somewhere between one and four hours later, but passengers and local residents were left in the dark as to what the UFO might be. Speculation ranged from a U.S. missile to a Russian satellite to a secret Chinese military plane to a meteor. Officials from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) told the media that the incident was “under investigation” but no record of any formal explanation is readily available. There seems to be no information from the Shanghai UFO Investigative Research Center either. Why not?

Perhaps they were warned by yet another UFO shutting down an airport, this time on October 6, 2010, in Inner Mongolia. The news report mentions the previous sighting and says it was a military test, but gives no details nor no information on the next one.

Three Chinese airports shut down by UFOs in five years. Do you think there’s more shutdowns that we don’t know about? Why are Chinese officials so quick to close airports after UFO sightings? What do they know and why don’t WE know it?

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  • Linda


  • ivr

    Strange. A translation of the report could be interesting. Perhaps there is a simple explanation in the report of how a disc becomes a blimp!

  • e7seif

    The first video looks like a balloon shaped like a blimp. Maybe a stray toy or
    decoration. It could be that it only seems to change shape because it is drifting freely
    and rotating a bit so at first we see it end on (disc), and then it
    rotates to show it’s full blimp shape.

  • e7seif

    Couldn’t the first video be a stray balloon decoration? Maybe it only seems to change shape because it is drifting freely and rotating a bit so at first we see it end on (disc), and then it rotates to show it’s full blimp shape.

  • Empress Kray Kray de 3rd

    Definitely a shape shifting craft, towards the end of the footage definitely trying to pass itself off as a blimp after transformation! Once on beach a large fake passenger plane flew over not very high off the ground, and everyone discussedhow weird it was, almost no sound coming from it, it was very dark on its surface, not black though, it had the outline of an airliner, but as looking up at it, it appeared inverse from it’s form, and had very strange oddly placed lights underneath it. It was in the daytime. Other people commented that it look so weird, not to mention I also felt a strange sensation as it flew over. I really think that some UFO have the ability to shape shift, sometimes I think they choose a representation of human technology, in order to help them blend in.

  • R.V. Gad

    Not a balloon and not the first time this type of craft was seen over Chinese cities or airports. If it were a balloon blowing in the wind you would have heard of winds there of over 140 kmph, because at times it was flying that fast, but that isn’t the case. This is the same type of craft flying over a demonstration in China about a year ago, where the government officials were heard demanding the people exit the streets because of the UFO overhead. That UFO was also misidentified as a UFO shaped drone. A 20 meter diameter drone, that was recorded on their military and airport radar? Not likely. Its time to accept and admit that we have visitors, just like our forefathers that reported these things since recorded history, ET’s do exist. And saying it was shape shifting is a misconception. It was moving, banking and turning, the point of view was just perspective.

  • R.V. Gad

    This is the 6th time a UFO of this type has shut down an airport or an entire city in China this year. These are not perfectly round saucers, more flat oblong shapes at are 20 meters across and recorded fly from hovering to 4,000 kmph (as fast as a rocket) and change directions at will that have nothing to do with the winds. I have been observing and studying these things for over 50 years, and they are real, most aren’t hoaxes. Actually hoaxes are easy to distinguish from the real thing when you see them do things our technology can’t.

  • will777

    Looks like a blimp.

  • doc

    Absolutely 100%….Blimp…look closely…it turns