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14.16 – MU Podcast


Hysteria and Paranoia feature heavily on this episode as we look at the history of popular delusions, medieval conspiracy theories, and the watchful eye of big brother.

We then introduce a new addition to MU with tales of unseen intruders and the wonders of the dreamatorium.


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  • Lyn

    Yes! I already love this episode! We have DEFINITELY experienced specific ads being “served up” after conversations we’ve had. Also, we’ve homeschooled our two boys up until this point, and for the past two months they’ve been in public school. We live in a small town in Maine, but already we’ve come up against issues such as the school requesting nine-year olds to sign their names on Internet use contracts they don’t understand, and the teacher signing students up for a Gmail account via an educational app for schools. There was no notification whatsoever. It’s worrisome for sure.

  • Austin McLaurine

    The internet is really good at giving me ads for websites they know I’m too weak to not buy things from.

  • dfseerd

    Welcome aboard Dan!

  • aid

    Severe and painful erections are actually one of the symptoms of getting bitten by a Brazilian wandering spider.

  • Great episode! Welcome Dan! Loved the sugar conspiracy stuff! Wait, is that my blog article up there in the links? That’s crazy. I thought the stuff about Zimbabwe sounded familiar. Thanks for posting the link. It reminds me how I need to delete that blog, I was (and still am) searching for my voice.

  • Mary Louise Eklund

    My Husband and I discussed how the new Amazon Echo would be a boon to in home covert surveillance. Much like the cell phone or TVs that respond to vocal commands.