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A Jersey Devil May Have Been Spotted in New Jersey

A photo and a video of what is described as a Jersey Devil flying over New Jersey are making the rounds on the Internet. Is it a real Jersey Devil? How can one tell? Should the good people of New Jersey be concerned? Can Governor Chris Christie put up a blockade?

The photo belongs to Dave Black of Little Egg Harbor Township who claims he was driving home from his job in Atlantic City when he saw what he thought was a llama running near a golf course. This being New Jersey, he was OK with that, but what happened next caused him to take out his phone and get some pictures.

If that wasn’t enough, then it spread out leathery wings and flew off over the golf course.

He shared the best photo with a local reporter and it looks like a blurry image of a deformed goat with wings, which is close to what many believe the Jersey Devil looks like. Not only that, the sighting took place in Galloway, which is near Leeds Point, the town where a certain Mother Leeds allegedly gave birth one stormy night to the Jersey Devil

… and the place where Emily Martin saw what looked like Dave Black’s flying goat and managed to take a short video of it. The video is brief, the time is night and Emily doesn’t give any additional information about how the Jersey Devil showed up, where it went or why she happened to be pointing her phone at that spot at that particular time.

On the other hand, Dave Black told a local reporter that HIS photograph of the Jersey Devil was not altered in any way and he stands behind what he saw.

I think I saw a large, flying mammal about the size of a deer.

Say it, Dave! You saw the Jersey Devil! It had a goat’s head, bat wings, horns, cloven hooves and small arms! What else could it be?

A depiction of the Jersey Devil

A depiction of the Jersey Devil

As always, skeptics are crying hoax and demanding brighter videos and clearer pictures. If you’re so good at taking photos (and you’re not – we’ve seen your Facebook page), go to Leeds Point and start shooting. The good people (and terrified golfers) of New Jersey will be grateful.

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  • Turnstone


  • Yasser Maniram

    Creature in foreground image blends in really well with background. This is likely possible to reproduce in photo-manipulation software via shading. However, the video evidence appears to portray one seriously messed up fairy versus the Jersey Devil. Case closed?

    In terms of the original story of the mother who spawned an offspring that can only be described as a devil-baby goat with wings, the subject of the video seems to fit that size profile though it is difficult to establish a reliable scale. Is this a giant beanie baby tied to a stick with wings digitally added? Maybe not. Yet the image in the picture does not seem to match what the video portrays and this lack in consistency is disturbing because of its impact to future reports of strange occurrences that might be real.