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Third Sphere Falls in Spain, Area Put Under Quarantine

The mystery of the black spheres falling from the sky in Spain is getting deeper as yet another of these space balls fell from the sky in the same area where two others appeared in less than two weeks. No explanation has been given for these strange objects dropping from space as if someone or something is targeting Murcia. The area has been quarantined … is it time for terrified residents to evacuate?

I think it is a more serious issue than it seems. Citizens have real concerns about what is happening and deserve an explanation.

That was the comment of Jose Velez, mayor of Calasparra in the Murcia district where the second sphere fell. With the area placed under quarantine by the Civil Guard, little information is available on the third mysterious orb. The first two objects were taken to a lab in Cartagena which has not yet released its analysis.

Impression left in the ground by one of the mysterious falling spheres

Impression left in the ground by one of the mysterious falling spheres

Speculation so far is that the objects may be pressurized gas containers or fuel tanks, but there’s no word on what they were attached to. Furthermore, there’s no explanation for why they survived the fall in such good shape and … the questions everyone in Murcia wants answered … why they continue to target the same small area and should residents expect more?

The spheres seem to be landing in very good condition

The spheres seem to be landing in very good condition

Beyond the space debris theories, many point out that the objects bear a slight resemblance to the IT-O Interrogator droid from various Star Wars movies. Could they be from an alien source? UFOs have been spotted in the area, especially in nearby Cartagena. This disc-shaped UFO was photographed there in August.

UFO seen in August 2015 in Cartagena

UFO seen in August 2015 in Cartagena

This daytime UFO sighting was recorded in Cartagena in November 2013.

What are the “bolas espacial” (space balls) falling from the sky over Murcia? If they’re from satellites, rockets or the ISS, why are they falling so sporadically yet hitting the same small area with seemingly pinpoint accuracy? Is there another explanation? Will anyone answer Mayor Velez’s questions?

And what would happen if any of these balls fall into a highly populated area?

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  • Somebody phone Charles Fort, quick!

  • Janet Winslow

    Surely they are extremely unlikely to fall in such a small area if they came from above the atmosphere unless they all came down at more-or-less the same time, but got discovered at different times? Or has it been confirmed that they definitely appeared on the ground at different times?

  • Steve Blake

    It is the case. They are used in satellites and other space/high-altitude craft. They are made of carbon fibre or kevlar for high strength and low weight, hence the hairy appearance (the fibres get torn apart). I have seen several articles about these things being found in various countries once they deorbit. Here :