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14.23 – MU Podcast


This week Frances Kermeen joins us to tell the story of the Myrtles, a twenty-eight-room Louisiana bed-and-breakfast with a dark and violent history. 

After taking ownership of the house Frances was drawn into incredible encounters with supernatural forces that would change her life forever.

Also featured is AI driven propaganda, spectrophilia, and the Return to Magonia.


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  • Nextliltic

    I’m from San Jose CA. Hey, you guys should look up Winchester Mystery house, I’ve been listening since 2008 and I don’t think you’ve ever covered this haunted house. Apparently this lady’s husband invented the Winchester rifle that was used to kill many Native Americans so a psychic told her to build this weird house. I grew up going there and hearing all the tales but I’m sure Ms. Karmeen knows some interesting facts on it.

  • Nextliltic

    Oh yeah.. Yo, give Dan a raise capische?