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14.24 – MU Podcast


Author and Science journalist Matt Kaplan give us a a definitive look into the elements of mystical places and magical objects from ancient history, mythology, and contemporary culture. 

From Viking Berserkers to the Egyptian cult of Horus, Matt takes us across cultures and time periods to point out that there is often much more to these enduring magical narratives than mere fantasy.

We also feature Anthony Peake’s unique video game analogy for the universe, reincarnation encounters in the psychotherapy chair, and light language techno remixes.

Matt Kaplan




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  • Austin Cox

    I’m not arguing one bit that the bane was a better argument over psilocybin for the bezerkers ,but its well know in low doses (similar to micro dosing lsd) enhances vision and stamina.

  • Austin Cox

    Also I think he’s missing a part of the stingray spines from the fact of blood loss. It’s just like like drinking after you’ve donated blood, it enhances.

  • Austin Cox

    My last thing is the following of the birds is more common than we would think right off. Ask anyone who fishes along a coast line . Whenever we see a group of birds flying around in the Gulf of Mexico we go strait to them becuase it means there are bait fish and in turn the fish we want. Every experience I’ve had with following the birds while fishing in those senerios I’ve cought a fish almost every cast. Nature knows what they are doing all we have to do is pay attention and follow along


    South american kids or teenage boys go through the bullet ant ceremony as a way to reach higher states & manhood & getting bit by one ant feels like getting shot hence the name!! These kids put a glove on with hundreds of these critters!! There was a guy by the name of Pat Spain that undertook this ceremony & almost lost his F*****g mind!!! It was on a nat geo show some years back. Im sure Pat said he was related to Charles Fort in one episode which is what got him started in this whole quest? He done a programme called Beast hunter. Cheers guys. Love the show & wish I could afford the MU plus but Im poor!! Lol. Keep it up lads. Stay safe from the UK. 😉 In a bit…..