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Flying Humanoid Over Indonesia May Be An Orang-Bati

Not all flying humanoids are the same. In Indonesia, they could be an Orang-Bati and that’s what many are thinking after seeing what appears to be a flying humanoid creature over the city of Solo. Is it an Orang-Bati or something else?

The incident occurred on November 30th, 2015, at around sunset in Solo, which is better known outside of Indonesia as Surakarta and is located on the island of Java. The person who took the photograph chose to remain anonymous but speculated that the apparition could be humanoid, a hologram of a human or some form of UFO. The hologram suggestion leads some to suspect it might be part of Project Blue Beam, while others think the shape makes the humanoid look more like an aircraft.

Is it a flying humanoid or something else?

Is it a flying humanoid, a hologram or something else?

Then there are those who wonder if it might be an Orang-Bati.

The tales of the cryptid known as the Orang-Bati come from the Indonesian island of Seram, the largest island of the Maluku province. It is usually described as a red-skinned man-like creature with a tail and black bat-like wings or a flying orangutan (the Indonesian word orang means ‘man’ or ‘person’) and the stories generally include incidents of them kidnapping babies and children at night. Seram is thickly covered with rain forest, giving the Orang-Bati plenty of cover to hide from humans before flying back to the volcanoes where they live.

An artist's depiction of an Orang-Bati

An artist’s depiction of an Orang-Bati

As a flying monkey or oversized bat, the Orang-Bati would be in a class with the Ahool, also from Indonesia and Vietnam, the Camazotz or death bat of Central America and the Batsquatch of Mount St. Helen in the state of Washington. Some accounts have put it closer to the Ropen, a pterosaur alleged to live in Papua New Guinea.

A giant bat

A giant bat

Of course, the photograph does not give enough detail to determine conclusively if it shows a flying humanoid like the Orang-Bati, a triangular aircraft, a giant bat, a hologram or possibly a portal. What do you think it is?

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  • twas brillig

    More likely from a burning Oil Palm plantation

  • Erich Sutton

    Palm oil, another scourge of the World Bank! In their so-called effort at economic development these idiots have increased the deforestation rate in leaps and bounds. From the bank ventures leading to the deforestation of Madagascar, Borneo and Indonesia right on down to off shore oil exploratory ventures the banks have destroyed most of the natural world., some call that progress.

  • twas brillig

    yes, heartbreaking to the extreme