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Mysterious Bleeding Communion Wafer Appears in Utah

It’s a possible miracle that has happened before, but probably not in the Mormon state of Utah … until now. A communion wafer or communion host used in Catholic masses was dropped in a glass of water and appeared to bleed like a flesh wound. Was it a miracle? If not, what could have caused it?

The incident occurred in November 2015. Parishioners at St. Francis Xavier Church in Salt Lake City, Utah, say a young boy handed his host back to the priest who had given it to him. The priest put the host in a glass of water to dissolve it, but instead the wafer floated intact for three days. What’s even more strange (or miraculous, depending on your view), the host turned red and appeared to be bleeding. After many people witnessed the bleeding wafer, it was taken by the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City for an investigation.

The bleeding wafer is now in the possession of the Salt Lake City diocese investigators

The bleeding wafer is now in the possession of the Salt Lake City diocese investigators

In the ceremony known as the Catholic Mass, the host is ‘transubstantiated’ into the body of Jesus during the sacrament of the Eucharist. The hosts are treated with reverence and any that might fall or be desecrated in some way are respectfully destroyed by being dissolved in water and poured into the ground.

This is not the first “bleeding host” miracle. One occurred in 1998 in Betania, Venezuela, when a host appeared to belled during Mass. Another took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when a discarded host that was found in a candleholder after a Mass allegedly began bleeding and reportedly turned into flesh. In 2011, a dropped host was placed in water at St. Augustine Church in South St. Paul, Minnesota and began to bleed instead of dissolving. All three instances were observed by many witnesses.

Could these be anything but miracles? Microbiologists say the bleeding could actually be a red bacterium, Serratia marcescens, which can grow on wet bread. If the unconsecrated wafers are stored in a damp place, it could grow on them and show up when immersed in water.

Serratia marcescens makes a piece of bread look like it's bleeding

Serratia marcescens can make a piece of bread look like it’s bleeding

While that is a possibility, Monsignor M. Francis Mannion, the chair of the five-member investigative team, plans to also look into the possibility of a miracle and release its findings. Mystery, miracle or microorganism – the bleeding wafer is locked up and not currently available for public viewing.

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  • NavyVeteran

    Lies, lies tell me sweet little lies.. Religion is the biggest waste of humanity ever. The babble, Torah, Koran, etc all written by man to control man, woman and child. Nothing has been more deadly, more dangerous than religion. More people have been killed in the name of it, than any war combined. Religion keeps people in the dark from learning about life and self. If one really believes in the babble, then you have to admit that “god” was the denier of knowledge, while the Devil is the one who gave knowledge to everyone. It’s in the book, where the Devil tempted “Adam” & “Eve” with the apple. Where as “god” forced them to accept his way or the highway so to speak. Religion is the one true thing that ills this planet. Without religion people are inherently good, it’s only with religion that people become evil and lost.

  • J.Griffin

    communism and national socialism started wars and “revolutions”
    that killed more people in the 20th Century than were recorded in ALL centuries prior.

    Both are essentially atheistic,

    Hitler knew how to use religion to his own ends before changing it
    later on to better fit his own outlook…

    How did they kill so many,so fast?

    or more specifically,
    the abuse of science.

    Guns,bombs,poison gas and the amazing modern war machine.

    The abuse of religion is not the same as religion-

    If Jesus said,”Love your enemies”,
    How can that be claimed as a call to war?

    Science and religion can BOTH be abused and exploited-
    it is ridiculous to claim otherwise,
    historically speaking.

    It is cliché to try to pin man’s murderous agendas on religion-
    war is ALWAYS territorial and has MUCH more revolved around land,control and revenge than anything else.

    Enterprising religious authorities have merely tagged along to “help” corrupt and control the masses.

    Biblically speaking,
    Christ warned clearly of “wolves in sheep’s clothing”,
    as did many of the prophets in different terms.

    there are few eras other than the Crusades where “religion” can be considered the central focus in warfare.

    What was Genghis Khan’s religious agenda….
    or Alexander “the great”‘s?

  • J.Griffin

    Is it too much to ask for a blood test?