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Panic Hits Indian Village as Many See Small Alien

Residents of the Indian village of Boliyar are in a panic after many of them witnessed a small strange being wandering around at night. In this case, “strange” means the being is the size of a small child with a human face that speaks in an unknown language and sometimes runs on all fours. Alien? Human-cat hybrid? Something else?

Boliyar is on the Netravathi River near the southwestern coast of India but far enough away that it is surrounded by a forest where a strange creature could hide. The reports of sightings seem to begin around December 5th. One of the first witnesses said she felt she was being followed at night. The follower was this child-sized creature that chased her to her house while shouting the unknown language, then ran into the forest

A dog warily checks the forest that the alien ran into

A dog warily checks the forest that the alien ran into

According to the local police who have been investigating the reports, the eyewitness accounts have some variations, possibly due to the encounters all being at night. One person thought it might be a big cat because it moved on all fours while another described it as a gorilla because it ran on two legs. Other than the unknown language, the only other sound the creature reportedly makes is a loud cry like a child.

While the Forest Department, the police and local government officials have been asked to do more to find this alien creature, so far the only protection the panicked residents have received is from young male villagers who patrol the area at night. Since the patrols have started, the alien creature has stayed hidden.

Male villagers patrolling for the strange creature

Male villagers patrolling for the strange creature

What did the villagers see that caused them to panic? It doesn’t sound like an animal, especially with the human face, bipedal running and human-sounding language. India only has one ape, the Hoolock Gibbon, but a number of smaller monkeys that run on all fours. It also has plenty of big cats, but none of them walk on two legs.

India also has its own Bigfoot-like creature – the Mande Burung, which is a large, hairy bipedal hominid. It’s most often reported in northeast India but could be on the move because of development, deforestation or climate change.

India has had a number of UFO sightings in 2015, including one where an alien in an orange uniform was seen by witnesses in Kanagal, which is in the same district as Boliyar and just 180 km (110 miles) away. Could the sightings be related?

What’s panicking the people of Boliyar? An alien? A Mande Burung? A short local teen who likes to pull pranks? Something else?

A depiction of the Mande Barung

A depiction of the Mande Barung

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