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UFO Appears After Mysterious Dome Discovered on Mars

Hot on the heels of the discovery of a dome-like structure on the surface of Mars, a UFO was spotted by the Curiosity rover. Are the two events related? The number of UFOs on Mars seems to be increasing. Are the UFOs a sign that someone is getting nervous about human exploration on Mars? Or is someone trying to hide evidence of past human residence on the planet?

The latest UFO appears in a photo taken by Curiosity rover on December 4th, 2015. The image shows a disc-shaped UFO above the surface with the rover visible in the fish-eye view. Is this UFO in the same area as the dome? It’s hard to tell from the photo. Is its appearance related to the discovery of the dome?

UFO seen by Curiosity in December 2015

UFO (upper left) seen by Curiosity in December 2015

That’s a question worth contemplating as it seems the number of UFOs being spotted above and on the surface of Mars is on the increase. This odd-shaped UFO was photographed in August 2015.

UFO photographed on Mars in August 2015

UFO photographed on Mars in August 2015

In March 2015, what appears to be a flying saucer that either landed or crashed in the Aram Chaos region of Mars was photographed by the Mars Observer orbiter.

Is this a flying saucer on the Martian surface?

Is this a flying saucer on the Martian surface?

That’s a lot of UFOs seen in just a span of a few months. Prior to this, they have been seen often but less frequently. A flying saucer-shaped UFO appears in a photograph taken by Curiosity in July 2014.

Flying saucer seen on Mars in July 2014

Flying saucer seen on Mars in July 2014

This UFO was photographed in January 2014 by Curiosity and appears to have some sort of exhaust or trail of emissions behind it. Is it making a quick getaway after being spotted?

Martian UFO with exhaust trail

Martian UFO with exhaust trail (right side)

Why do the UFO sightings on Mars appear to be on the increase? One theory is that they are from secret bases on Mars run by corporations and business is picking up. A series of interviews were conducted in 2014 with Randy Cramer, also known as Captain Kaye, who claims he spent 17 years living on Mars as part of the Mars Defense Force run by the Mars Colony Corporation which had established settlements and conducted mining operations there.

Wait, what? Where are the pictures of THAT?

Whatever they’re doing and wherever they are from, more and more UFOs on Mars are being photographed from both above and below. Is the news about water just a distraction from a bigger story? Is it under the dome?


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  • BW

    NASA will tell us the latest UFO photo is of one of the Apollo rocket stages, oh, wait …

  • FFS

    Nope, it’s a meteorological balloon.

  • Zeek Wolfe

    NASA only releases approved versions of truth. There have been many anomalies seen and photographed on Mars and, closer to home, the space station. The Mars ‘dome’ for example. This sighting should warrant a close look. I’m sure it has been studied (if it is not man made) extensively but the findings will never be released. Even Mr. Trump, if he is so inclined, would be stonewalled. The simple fact is…UFOs, aliens and everything that entails is with rare exceptions classified above presidential level. Presidents learn not to push the matter.