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Black Holes may be Holograms

Black holes have become even more mysterious thanks to new research. As it is, one can’t see black holes because light cannot escape from their gravitational pull and no one even knows what they are made of. Now, physicists surmise that black holes are not even three dimensional but two dimensional surfaces projected in 3D, a hologram.

The Universe as a Hologram (Tu Wien)

The Universe as a Hologram (Tu Wien)

In the 1990’s Sanford physicist Leonard Susskind hypothesized that the universe itself just needed two dimensions for the laws of physics to operate correctly. The world appears to be in 3D to us, but in reality isn’t. This “holographic hypothesis” is now being applied to black holes.

Theoretical physicists constructed a new model, using new calculations, of black holes, using quantum gravity theory to examine the entropy (disorder/randomness) that exists in black holes. A black hole could just be a simple flat two dimensional circle but exhibit the properties of a three dimensional object. Thus, the three dimensional quality is just an optical illusion.

Rendering of a black hole in the Milky Way.

Rendering of a black hole in the Milky Way.

Dr. Daniele Pranzetti, a physicist at the Max Planck Institute for Theoretical Physics in Munich, Germany, and a co-author of the study says,

We were able to use a more complete and richer model compared with what was done in the past, and obtain a far more realistic and robust result. This allowed us to resolved several ambiguities affecting previous calculations.

This also suggests that all objects that fall into a black hole would be entirely contained in gravitational fluctuations of the surface. An object could just be hidden in a region of the flat surface.

This new study allows scientists to gain more insight into black holes and their gravitational states. It gives them even more mysteries to resolve.

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  • It’sOver9000!!!

    This theory of the universe being a hologram is starting to make more and more sense. I myself am an atheist, however if the universe truly is a hologram there must be a creator (creators) of some kind, no? Does anything in the big bang theory explain how a holographic universe could be created?