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14.09 – MU Plus+ Podcast

Wavenet and Google’s DeepMind neural networks get us warmed up as we discuss the reality of our dream “podcaster 3000” device. 

We then move to the links between Fae folklore and poltergeist accounts before finishing on a NESARA “reval” update and why you should invest in DONG!

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  • RobinPants

    It’s really fascinating that you both are talking about spiritual phenomenon across cultures that involve the possession of a stove. One of my favorite types of spirits are called Domovoi, which is a house spirit in Russian folklore that lives under stoves. It’s said that its common for families who have house spirits to set an extra seat at the dinner table for it or to place loaves of bread under the stove as offerings. Its fascinating to look into – I’d recommend it!

  • Aerodyll

    The sounds described as the wild hunt sound similar to those reported from ‘skyquakes’

  • Interesting how sound plays an important factor in our lives. I believe more research should be created to explore this phenomena.