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Elon Musk: SpaceX Craft Can Travel Well Beyond Mars

In SpaceX’s 14 years of existence, the company’s long-term goals–under the direction of Elon Musk–have largely focused on one thing: colonizing Mars. And one of the key components to this mission has been the development of the Mars Colonial Transporter, or MCT, that would transport people and cargo to the red planet. But according to Musk, it turns out the MCT can travel much further than just Mars.


In typical style, Elon Musk revealed the development on Twitter. In a post on Friday he announced:

By Saturday, he had that new name (while apparently moonlighting as a spokesperson for LEGO):

More details are set to be revealed on September 27th at the International Astronautical Congress, at which Musk is set to deliver a keynote speech titled “Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species.”


But what we do already know about the ITS, under its previous Mars-centric name, is that it is being designed to carry 100 people and 100 tonnes of cargo to Mars by 2024, and is powered by an engine named “The Raptor” which is rumored to be around three times the size–and hopefully somewhat less explosive–than that used in the Falcon 9.

This ITS (formerly MCT) manned mission will follow the first unmanned missions to Mars, which are set to commence in 2018.

But if Musk is readying SpaceX to go much further than Mars, perhaps the key question is: to where?

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  • J.Griffin

    Maybe they should carry someone into Space and back

    They haven’t even been to the Edge of Space at 100 Kilometers yet!

    It’s ALL automated.

    They boasted first that they would be on Mars before 2020-
    that was quickly revised to 10 years.

    The only people any of these guys have transported were DEAD ONES.

    Just the ashes.

    It is an ENTIRELY different thing to transport people vs. freight.

    Too much hype.

    They should just get to the Moon and back before boasting about how
    “Multi planetary” we are GOING to be…

    It is EXTREMELY ironic to me that musk goes on&on&on about
    electric transportation-
    but builds the biggest combustion engines on the planet!

    Why not build a railgun if you are just dealing with freight?

    That’s the key to getting significant payload off-planet.

    Rockets are CONSUMED with the the Law of Diminishing Returns.

    I’m ALL about Space-
    I’m just sick of the shameless hype&grandstanding.

    The US Space Shuttle Program was supposed to establish
    a Base on the Moon…
    it just became a tool for telecom corps. to build an invisible fence
    around the Earth-

    this is just a continuation of that “legacy”…

  • Not Even Wrong

    I agree 100% with you. Elon is playing for the sound bite when he talks about Mars. Why not take the Falcon 9 technology and send someone to the moon next year? Show us you can do that successfully first then we can talk about Mars and beyond.