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UFO Spotted at SpaceX Explosion

A video has emerged of what appears to be an unidentified flying object zooming behind the Falcon 9 Space X rocket moments before it exploded during tests on September 1, 2016. Does someone or some thing have it in for SpaceX founder Elon Musk? How about for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, whose satellite was destroyed in the explosion? Or was the UFO something else?

SpaceX can confirm that in preparation for today’s static fire, there was an anomaly on the pad resulting in the loss of the vehicle and its payload. Per standard procedure, the pad was clear and there were no injuries.

The use of the word “anomaly” in the first tweets after the explosion made many suspicious immediately that this was something more than an accidental explosion. But what? As videos of the event became available, slow motion revealed something moving from right to left just prior to the explosion.

Initial speculation, as always, was a bug, a bird or a drone. The UFO appears to be behind the towers near the rocket, so a bug flying in front of the camera can be eliminated. The speed at which it enters and exits the view looks much too fast to be any known bird. A drone observing and recording the test would most like be stationary or moving slowly. Again, the speed the UFO traveled doesn’t seem right for an observational drone. Could it have been a secret high-speed military drone? Is someone in some government so upset about private space travel that it’s willing to risk military intervention to stop it?

Then there’s the shape. Magnifications of the UFO show it to be orb-shaped. The shape matches no conventional drones and the speed is too fast for a balloon.


Moving on to other questions being asked. Did the UFO cause the explosion? There are no flashes, lights, beams, smoke or other indications of something being fired from the UFO.

Why would a government want this launch stopped? One theory is that the Facebook satellite would expand Internet access to more people currently without it, putting government secrecy and suppression in danger. The Amos-6 satellite was owned by the Israeli company Spacecom, causing all kinds of speculation on motives by all sorts of governments, militaries and fanatics.

Why would aliens want this launch stopped? Do they hate Facebook too?

Will we ever know what that unidentified object was?

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  • Cameron Byers

    You guys do realize that the cape is based on a wild life refuge? There’s loads of solid looking objects flying through the sky at high speeds there, when I went on the KSC tour I saw like 5 of them, they are birds.

  • Nikolas Parent

    I could see how another intelligent species would find SpaceX interesting and worth noting because, its a departure from regular government funded space travel. Especially with the breakthroughs they are trying to accomplish.

  • Mathew Chartrand

    I thought the same thing, then i remembered this is a slowed down video of an exsplosion. No bird travels that fast.

  • 2broke4 her

    facebook satellite the reason it blew up, it is becoming a tool for control of people. they block, refuse, suspend any activity they so to chose based on someone not meeting their standards, while letting things posted that are politically and Lieberal leaning agenda, that meets their ideology..

  • 2broke4 her

    interesting, round sphere shaped birds..

  • Mia Person

    I saw an analysis of this where the object is flapping wings…it`s a bird.

  • BrianFraser

    This looks like another sighting of a “black halo” UFO. There are many, many UFO sightings showing “black halos” . These are of interest because similar effects can be produced in a laboratory. Circa 1911 George Samuel Piggott conducted experiments with a high voltage wireless telegraph apparatus that produced very similar black halo effects in a laboratory setting. There were also inexplicable levitation effects. Tesla saw similar “black band” and “black streamer” effects during his experiments at Colorado Springs. Strange physical forces were also evident.

    The black halos, coupled with Piggott’s experiments, offer solid clues about how UFO propulsion systems operate . This kind of thing could be studied up close and personal in a laboratory. What we learn about the science and technology could be quite valuable. But we need some retired engineers to look into this. For more information see, )

  • Donald F Saunders Jr

    This is probably due to the use of super cooled Oxygen being used to increase performance. Normal Liquid Oxygen would be approx -297 F and the super cooled oxygen they are trying to use is a -340 F. This makes the Oxygen denser which allows more to be used in the tanks. I wondered if the increase in density along with the lower temps of the Oxygen are somehow compromising the holding tank. Seems real strange since this is the second SpaceX rocket to have a problem in this exact area in the upper stage.

  • Gern

    First, get a life. Then, get a brain, then get a language.
    Lieberal? Is that the new Joe Lieberman party?

  • 2broke4 her

    hate being called a LIEberal dont you.. I have brain I think for myself, not a sheep like you!