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16.18 – MU Podcast


Joshua Cutchin returns to the show to discuss reports of supernatural scents and otherworldy odors from his new book ‘The Brimstone Deceit’.

Cutchin’s stellar research uncovers clear patterns of smells that emerge from a variety of paranormal experiences, and questions the meaning behind these odors on the fringe of human experience.

We also cover some worrying psychic predictions on the near future and one man’s encounter with a spacefaring hermit.


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Joshua Cutchin


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  • rachel anne kitter

    guys, i can’t hear the word “forcefield” now without it being in a 3 stooges Curly voice! what MU interview am i remembering?

  • Darwin

    “Multi-screen fap cave.” I laughed so hard I choked.

  • Grey M. Kraken

    Imitations of Preston Nichols during the Montauk Chronicles interview.

  • rachel anne kitter

    YES!… Preston! that was it. thank you! Fascinating interview