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16.19 – MU Podcast


After hearing fresh reports of the ‘overview effect’ from former astronauts, and decsriptions of earth as a “living organism”, we investigate the intelligent universe hypothesis and one woman’s direct experience inside the microcosm. 

We then look at bizarre links between native Australian mysticism and the reported supernormal abilities of Tibetan Lamas.



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  • Daria

    You guys keep mentioning Rick and Morty, I want to send you a guys a copy of the variant cover I did for the comic, which comes out in Dec. Love the show!! Cheers.


    Boss show as usual lads. Stay safe & keep on it. 😉


    On a weird out there note that stuff with the book reminds me of Grandma Death in Donnie Darko.

  • Travis Uruh Spalding Braxton

    man that book is 500 bucks for the paperback i cant find it anywhere. i’m so jealous.

  • AAAAAAAAAAARGH I’m so angry! I loved the story you told about this book and it’s so f”’in expensive! We should round up and ask for a new edition.