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Black Helicopters: What In Hell?!

Of all the various elements which make up what is popularly known as the UFO phenomenon, there can be few so strange as the so-called “Phantom Helicopters” and “Black Helicopters.” They take their names from the fact that they are completely black in color and lack any and all identifying markings. They have turned up in alien abduction cases, in cattle mutilation events, and in late-night UFO encounters. Since the 1960s, numerous people throughout the world have reported seeing helicopters in areas which have been subjected to intense UFO activity. This has led a number of investigators to speculate that the helicopters are attached to covert military/intelligence agencies engaged in secret UFO monitoring programs. Maybe that is the case. It has to be said, however, that some cases of unidentified helicopters are not just strange. They are beyond strange. We are talking about silent helicopters and shape-shifting helicopters. Yes, really.

In the 1970s, the FBI was heavily embroiled in the cattle mutilation controversy (you can find some of the FBI’s documentation on the subject at this link at the FBI’s website, The Vault). One document reveals that in August 1975, Floyd K. Haskell, who was the Senator for the State of Colorado at the time, contacted the FBI and stated of the cattle-mute issue:


“For several months my office has been receiving reports of cattle mutilations throughout Colorado and other western states. At least 130 cases in Colorado alone have been reported to local officials and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI); the CBI has verified that the incidents have occurred for the last two years in nine states. The ranchers and rural residents of Colorado are concerned and frightened by these incidents. The bizarre mutilations are frightening in themselves: in virtually all the cases, the left ear, rectum and sex organ of each animal has been cut away and the blood drained from the carcass, but with no traces of blood left on the ground and no footprints.”

On the matter of mysterious helicopters associated with the attacks on animals, Haskell said: “In Colorado’s Morgan County area there has [sic] also been reports that a helicopter was used by those who mutilated the carcasses of the cattle, and several persons have reported being chased by a similar helicopter. Because I am gravely concerned by this situation, I am asking that the Federal Bureau of Investigation enter the case. Although the CBI has been investigating the incidents, and local officials also have been involved, the lack of a central unified direction has frustrated the investigation.”

In a number of animal mutilation cases, the helicopters flew in complete silence, which is very bizarre. Indeed, if you have ever stood near to a helicopter, you’ll know all too well the level of noise they make. Could such a craft exist? Well, maybe.

A quiet, maybe even totally silent, helicopter is one thing. But, helicopters that can change their appearances (or that seem to change their appearances) is quite another. I have more than twenty reports in my files from people who claim to have seen black helicopters – flying silently – that morphed into the shapes of classic 1950s-era flying saucers, into small balls of light, and into large, blinding balls of light. Such reports stretch credulity to the max. But, they are widespread. Here is one such example, and here is another. So, what is going on?

An answer, of a very strange and highly unlikely sort, surfaced in 1994. Back in 2007, I interviewed Ray Boeche, a priest and former Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) State-Director for Nebraska. In 1993, Boeche met with a pair of US Department of Defense physicists working on a classified program to contact what many would call aliens. The program, however, referred to them as Non-Human Entities, or NHEs. As the project continued, and as runs of bad luck, ill health and even death blighted the research, the members came to believe that the NHEs were not ETs, after all, but literal demons from a literal Hell.

In 1994, those same two DoD physicists stated: “Regarding the phantom helicopters, while many are direct NHE ‘productions’ (craft is not an appropriate term as they do not need to travel via a propulsion device) many are related to our program, especially regarding running checks and surveillance on mutilation sites and so-called abduction victims.”

I don’t personally endorse the literal demonic angle. I did, however, write a book on the subject in 2010 – titled Final Events – and in which I made it clear that the conclusions of the program were theirs and most assuredly not mine. But, I do find it intriguing, and downright bizarre, that there are those in the Department of Defense who, apparently, fully believe that at least some of the phantom/black helicopters are far from a hellish realm.

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  • Ghostdanser

    I’ll put that paranormal aspect aside and comment on what I know.

    In the 80’s a friend of mine was a plane captain in a helicopter unit. He was rather ticked off one day and told me to stop by his room when I got off duty. He was pretty hammered by the time I got there, but the reason why he was ticked is that a couple of feds had shown up at their unit and gone through the maintenance records. After their review they yanked all the files and paper work for two helicopters, and told the unit to requisition two new ones. A van came with some flight crews with no identifying markings on their flight gear, and those helicopters flew off never to return.

    The reason they took the aircraft rather than buy new ones were (as I understand it) two fold:

    1) When you buy a new helicopter you never quite know what you are getting. Black Ops are about reliability, so grab a proven reliable helicopter rather than roll the dice on a new one. Hence why my friend was ticked, because the one of the two best helicopters was one he maintained.

    2) If the military flight unit ordered two new helicopters then that’s where the money trail would end. You couldn’t trace the sale to the department that was performing the operation, since it leads back to a military flight unit.

    Probably old news how that works…but figured I would share that with you.

  • BW

    Nick, one of the bits about the “ET’s as demons” notion that is intriguing is the long-standing tie between intel operations and the occult. Goes back at least to John Dee and Queen Elizabeth I, if I recall correctly. Perhaps not surprising that current-day intel people still dabble (or like to think they do) in the occult.

  • Larry Burks

    They used ultra quiet helicopters in the raid to get Bin Laden…

  • Austin Popper

    Could someone please explain to me how a helicopter is determined to be black and unmarked when it is seen at night? I see this in way too much of the literature, particularly in the tinfoil hat realm. Even in broad daylight, most military helicopters I’ve seen were dark olive or charcoal grey, with lighter grey “low contrast” markings. Hardly unusual. From more than fifty yards away they generally appear as black silhouettes against the sky. Now silent helicopters and absurdly fast helicopters sometimes show up in apparently credible reports, but they are as rare as they are weird. Military helicopters are sometimes described as being flown in menacing maneuvers or just showing up in places they presumably have no business being, but this “black helicopter” nonsense does nothing to make those of us studying paranormal topics look sensible.

  • I have a report of a helicopter WITH NO ROTOR BLADES. Other reports suggest aerial anomalies that can purposely resemble conventional aircraft. John Keel ran into these “counterfeit” aircraft on more than one occasion.

  • Katzenboots

    My young son and I would take walks around our neighborhood at night (Austin, TX area). One night we saw a cigar-shaped object flying towards us silently just above the power lines. It had blue, green red, and yellow lights around the perimeter. It could have been saucer-shaped but we saw the side view only. As it passed above the power lines on the left side of the street and passed just above and in front of us, it became deformed and blurry. By the time it passed over the power lines on our right side, it became a small, single-engine plane. It actually started to make the small plane noise, sputtering, and flew away. It took about 10 seconds or less for this to happen. We just ran home and never walked again at night. It was terrifying for some reason. I never told anyone because what would have been the point? It sounded too bizarre to be true. My husband ridiculed us for weeks after that. I’ve read Final Events three times. I love it!