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Wikileaks Photos, John Kerry Visit and UFOs in Antarctica

Just days after the shocking U.S. presidential election, Secretary of State John Kerry became the highest-ranking U.S. government official to ever set foot on Antarctica (although there are rumors President Obama made a secret visit there earlier this year). This visit came just a few weeks after Wikileaks released a large set of photos from Antarctica. Does this mean that there’s worldwide cover-up of UFOs in Antarctica? Let’s see how some people connected the dots to reach that theory.

The Secretary of State landed in Antarctica on November 11th. This was leg 2 on a multi-stop trip that started in New Zealand and included a stop at the international climate change meetings in Marrakech, Morocco, where Kerry was to speak on the dangers of global warming. The five-hour flight to Antarctica on a C-17 Globemaster military cargo plane had Kerry mysteriously spending most of his time in the cockpit. Sure, he’s a pilot but doesn’t the plane have windows for him to look out of? Was he giving the pilots secret directions?

Where is Kerry walking to?

Where is Kerry walking to?

After landing on the Pegasus Ice Runway at the U.S.’s McMurdo Station, Kerry toured by helicopter the McMurdo Dry valleys, which are considered to be as close to the environment of Mars as any place on Earth (coincidence or plans for Mars trip?). He also saw the mysterious red glacier known as Blood Falls and the hut where the famous Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton (the Shackleton crater on the moon is named for him – coincidence?) lived in 1908. While he didn’t report any UFOs or aliens, Shackleton was in Antarctica at the time of the Tunguska event and was said to have seen displays of aurora lights both before and after the event.

Blood Falls in Antarctica

Blood Falls in Antarctica

Kerry got to see things that are banned from the public view due to the newly-signed (October 28, 2016) agreement to make the Ross Sea the world’s largest marine protected area, blocking ships without permission from entering the area for 35 years. Fortunately, Wikileaks mysteriously released a set of 23 photographs of various locations in Antarctica on October 18th as part of its John Podesta-related leaks. They seemed to be more scenic than expository (although one appears to show a UFO and another a mysterious fog) and a couple are suspected to be from someplace other than Antarctica.

UFO in one of the Wikileaks photos

UFO in one of the Wikileaks photos

The photos were numbered and a couple of numbers appeared to be missing. Could these have shown the long-rumored evidence (purportedly in Wikileaks’ possession) of a secret war between the U.S. and UFOs based on the floor of the waters around Antarctica – the very same waters now protected by the new agreement?

Mysterious cloud or fog in one of the WIkileaks photos

Mysterious cloud or fog in one of the Wikileaks photos

And there you have it! Kerry visits top secret locations in Antarctica, after a new (and not yet universally trusted or UFO-savvy) U.S. president is elected, to assess the war against UFOs and secretly share the info with other nations in Morocco. Throw in Antarctic photos from Wikileaks to John Podesta – who promised to open the UFO files if Hillary Clinton was elected – and you have all the makings of an Antarctic UFO conspiracy and cover-up.

Or maybe Kerry really IS concerned about the environment and is trying to save what’s left of the slowly-melting formerly-pristine world of Antarctica.

Which do you think it is?

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  • ZombieLenin

    I wouldn’t go that far. I think it depends on the source of the leaked information. For example, I would have no trouble believing that documents and photos leaked to Wikileaks by Russian Intelligence were doctored in some way. What I do not think happens is that Wikileaks is in the business of doctoring documents.

    As for the alleged crimes of Julian Assange, I make no assumptions of guilt or innocence. What I will say in his defense is this: he has continuously offered to submit himself to Swedish authority and to answer questions there on the condition that he is guaranteed not to be extradited to the United States–where he faces criminal prosecution for activities I would deem no different than press activities. Yet neither the US will promise not seek his extradition, nor will Sweden promise not to extradite him if the request is made.

  • Justin Jerome Patterson

    That’s not fog. It’s a cave that is emitting light which is more evidentiary than random fog.

  • ZombieLenin

    There is nothing indicative of that in his post. :/

  • NavyVeteran

    I have a AA & and BA. Graduated High School in 1990. I doubt you even have left your mommies basement you moron!

  • NavyVeteran

    He is holed up in an Embassy and won’t leave on his own accord to face his accuser in Switzerland. That is tantamount to guilt. He is no different than Snowden who fled to Russia. I suspect he was a Russian spy working in the US as a Putin plant. Wikileaks should be raided and taken down. Wikileaks is clearly capable of doctoring documents and the truth. They don’t like the truth and neither does Assange. He should face trial, stand on the merits of his case if he is so not guilty, let the court decide. If America wants to extradite him here, based on evidence, so be it! International laws apply.

  • Walter Long

    In 1947, Admiral Richard E. Byrd led 4,000 military troops from the U.S., Britain and Australia in an invasion of Antarctica called “Operation Highjump”… Could you tell us what was encountered…

  • Mollie Norris

    wikileaks is currently a string operation run by intelligence. After Clinton threatened to murder Assange, his attorney and the director of Wikileaks were murdered, and his Assange’s internet was disconnected. He was abducted in the middle of the night, and there is video of him being put in a black SUV by militarized ‘police’. Reddit posts include the arrival and departure of a CIA-operated aircraft, identified by N number, tracked by ATC to a Florida military base known as a CIA rendition site. Wikileakls has a new IP address since Assange’s internet was dsisconnected. This series of posts by Wikileaks members in hiding includes the warning that intelligence agencies are now using the site as a trap.

    Wikileaks posts since Assange’s abduction contain egregious mispellings, eg. director Mavfayden’s name, and points of view incompatible with Assanges. Photos of Assange on his balcony and of him holding a sign were taken in 2012 when he arrived at the embassy.
    We can still count on Black Hat trolls posting disinfo; though; it’s important to keep America safe for money-launderers for drug cartels and satanic child trafficing rings who disclose the US nuclear strike time on international TV as presidential candidates ,and sell strategic materials to enemies of the US.

  • bhaggen

    “Kerry mysteriously spent most of his time in the cockpit. Sure, he’s a pilot but doesn’t the plane have windows for him to look out of?”….Imbecile! The C-17 is NOT a passenger plane, it’s a transport. No windows except in the cockpit, no heat or A/C, no insulation, no in-flight movies, peanuts, or liquor either.

  • ZombieLenin

    Yes there is. He very well may be guilty, but the man faces politically motivated extradition to the United States if he goes to Sweden. Frankly, if I were falsely accused of something, and another country wanted me to go there to be questioned by the police, but I faced being sent to a third country to be locked up forever because that country did not like what I published, I might chose being holed up in an embassy too.

  • matt

    satanic child trafficking rings? Ok buddy you shouldn’t skip your meds you have a serious disconnect with reality.

  • James Burns

    i guess the turth will be out sooner than later about what is really at the south pole. go read up on robert byrd

  • Guest

    No, The Clinton Foundation and John Podesta seem to be in on some sort of child tracking ring. This stuff has been going on in Governments around the world for quite some time — nothing new here. Just look at England. This broke in 2014: ‘I watched Tory MP MURDER a boy during depraved Westminster VIP paedophile party’. Here are DAILY BEAST & the Mirror articles (mainstream)!

    Don’t forget Billy-boy Bill Clinton is close friends with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and rode on his Lolita Express to his private island many times, along with Rachel “Child Handler” Chandler — as documented IN PHOTOS.

  • lindor1695

    Still believing everything your gov spoon feeds you.

  • lindor1695

    Matt – you have a serious disconnect with education.

  • freebirdcrow

    The one place where huge quantities of additional ice and snow have been accumulating over the past several years. So much in fact that the total amount of sea ice has actually increased rather than declined.

  • Hazel Powers

    Julian was cleared of those charges by the United Nations. The USA wants him for revealing government secrets. He is just a reporter doing his job, and does not want to reveal his sources. Pfc Manning is in prison for sending him information, information i’m sure you were interested in.

  • Hazel Powers

    Yes, and the American government has a Kangaroo court waiting here for him, or just a cell to keep him incognito. Maybe the cell is even outfitted with a noose, like that other hacker got

  • Ari Laininen

    If you touch the wrong woman in the wrong way in sweden she will cry rape, even if you didn’t do it. Those rape charges were fraudulent at best and has long since been dismissed by the U.N.

    It might also have been a case of consentual sex that the woman later regretted or a fall-out occured and the swedish woman cried “wolf” or rather “rape!” in hindsight.

  • Aurel Novac

    Corect !

  • IwuzBORNin1992

    Julian Assange (“the founder of Wikileaks”) was falsely accused and is a hero for what he is doing. How can you claim to be a Navy veteran and impugn the integrity of whistleblowers who actually defend freedom in just the same way you did when in the service? People like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and others are heroes of human freedom and should be respected as such.