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16.21 – MU Podcast


Investigative journalist Ryan Sprague joins us this week to discuss his new book ‘Somewhere in the Skies: A Human Approach to an Alien Phenomenon’.

Sprague gathers detailed testimony from highly credible witnesses, along with commentary from scientists and psychologists, that reveal the often traumatic impact this phenomenon has on the experiencers.


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Ryan Sprague



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  • RenaissanceLady

    Gentlemen, I must tell you, I have never in my life been as grateful to be a woman as I was while listening to your stories about the men’s restroom in your building. From this point forward, I will tolerate any female inconveniences with blessed thanks knowing that I will never need to set foot in a place where a man has sprayed glitter-pee all over the premises.

    Thank you for that, though it really wasn’t what I was expecting from your podcast. Cheers.


    As a man I can honestly say that male bathrooms are f%$£ing disgusting!! Euuurrrggghhh. Cheers RL. Stay safe.


    21 mins in!! WTF? As a UK citizen I love this shit! What idiots! Don’t believe the hype folks! That shit is hilarious. Keep it up guys. Funny as f$&k!! Now I feel like calamari for dinner. No 14 legged bastard is gonna get the drop on me tonight!! Funny… Keep this under your hats lads but for 20 years now Ive been raising an army of killer Russian snails that were trained by the Spetsnaz!! You can understand why its taken me so long. They will complete basic training in 2047. Then the shit is really gonna hit the fan!! We got put back a good few years because of hungry French infiltrators! Bastards!! 😉 Jason Bourne aint got shit on these guys. Love M.U. Thanks guys.


    Also good luck to Ryan with the writing & stuff man. Keep it up. You have some great reviews on your website so good for you. Cheers big ears. 😉 Gonna order the book as soon as I can.