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Bigfoot Spotted in Haunted Irish Forest

A woman walking recently in a forest in Northern Ireland stopped when her dogs sensed something strange. Trusting that they would protect her, she approached the area agitating them. While she didn’t see anything, she took a picture anyway. It’s a good thing she did because it showed something odd.

I haven’t got a clue what it is but when I saw it, it really freaked me out. It’s not like anything I’ve ever seen before.

Maxine Caulfield says she and her dogs were in the Slieveanorra Forest of County Antrim in the northwestern corner of Northern Ireland. What did she think the snow-dusted thing in photograph, the thing that may have spooked her dogs, was?

People were pointing out its face and saying it was Bigfoot. When you zoom in it really does look the body of a beast. Along with all the other history and rumors about the place, it really makes you think.

While some people thought it was a Bigfoot or Sasquatch, others saw just an odd-shaped snow-covered bush. But a few remembered the rumors ans history and saw a ghost or apparition. Some of the ghost stories can be traced back to October 3rd, 1942. On that date, a U.S. B-17 Flying Fortress on its way to Prestwick Airport in Scotland and eventually to Germany was separated from its squadron and crashed on Orra Mountain about 40 miles northwest of Belfast in the Slieveanorra Forest. Eight of the 10 crew members perished. Little was known about the plane or crew because information on it was classified for decades, adding to the mystery and the tales of ghosts. In 2012, 70 years after the crash, local resident Eamonn McBride raised the money to put up a memorial sign honoring the crew and hopefully putting to rest the rumors … and the ghosts.

That may have taken care of some of the ghosts of Slieveanorra Forest, but there are probably more. The original name of the mountain is Slieve-an-Aura, which means Hill of Battle. It’s the location of the 1583 Battle of Aura where the MacDonnells, led by Sorley Boy MacDonnell, defeated the McQuillans and O’Neills.

Throw in the fact that Slieveanorra Forest is near where St. Patrick allegedly banished the snakes from Ireland and you’ve got a location that is a potential hotbed of paranormal activity. Maxine Caulfield agrees.

It’s quite a remote area and it’s got some history with old Irish clans too. There’s a memorial to the air crash and I’ve found a wooden cross with a date engraved on it. It all adds up to some odd things going on.

Odd things indeed. Bigfoot, ghost, bush, saint, snakes or something else?

What do you see in Maxine’s picture?

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  • Danita B

    If it was truly a living breathing moving thing, why would it be covered in snow and moss??

  • NavyVeteran

    Person in a Gilly suit. WTF..

  • Brad Johnson

    That totally looks like a hunter in a ghillie suit if you ask me.

  • Gaelpunk13

    Swamp Thing

  • BW

    Heh, where I used to work there was a small wood in which I enjoyed taking strolls during my lunch break. In the wood was a large stump over which ivy had grown quite wildly. I called the stump “Cousin It” because its shape resembled that of the TV character. This photo looks like a taller version of the “Cousin It” stump.

  • Brent Swancer

    If that is not someone in a ghillie suit then I will eat my hat. If I had a hat. Oh you know what I mean.

  • Boogie Ondown

    Looks like a tree stump or broken tree (there’s a fallen tree nearby including another stump in the foreground) with green moss on it that matches the surrounding trees, there wouldn’t be snow on it still if it was a moving person/creature. Plus she only took a picture because the dogs acted strange (another dog, squirrel, bird?), so she saw no movement, smelled nothing, and heard nothing herself.

    Oh but that’s no fun, I’m going with “the green man” making a mythical appearance instead.

  • wotan237 .

    Obviously a tree.

  • Wm. Michael Mott

    That’s a guy in a ghillie suit.

  • Maxine Caulfield

    It was me who took this photo and at no time did I ever say it was Bigfoot or anything else for that matter. I didn’t actually see anything except when I got home and was looking at the pics I’d taken….I thought this one looked a wee bit spooky so I posted it on a group I’m in, next thing I knew was a Journalist contacting me. He then took the story from there. At no time did I ever claim to have saw anything untoward.

  • Maxine Caulfield

    I have been in touch with the unpaid caretaker of Slieveanorra and he has a lot of knowledge of the area (25yrs worth) He was able to confirm that there has been sightings of a creature (Bigfoot) in this area and has also informed me of other deaths which have occurred within this forest. This caretaker is Seamus Boyle.

  • floydlee

    I think Ms. Caulfield did the right thing — in fact, the absolute correct thing — to back off when her dogs signaled that invisible trouble was dead ahead.

    Yes, it would have been nice for her to walk right up to the entity and shake hands with it, instead of settling for a mere photograph. She should have offered it some tea and crumpets, of course.

    But the fact is that ****staying alive in a paranormal encounter**** is a far higher priority than providing proof to satisfy the doubters. Folks, if Fido and Rover are crazy barking at you to shift into reverse, you better GET OUT of there like your very (rhymes with “sass”) depends on it. Because, in all honesty, it probably does.