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Mysterious Bird Apocalypse on Houston Highway

A huge flock of black birds mysteriously descended on a Houston highway on January 19th, seemingly oblivious to the speeding cars as a video of the scene showed them hitting the windshield. This has occurred before in Houston and but now it appears to be happening more frequently. Is this a warning to Houston? Texas? Cars?

This latest real recreation of a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds was recorded by Jessica Rios on an unidentified Houston freeway – since Houston is covered with freeways, it could be anywhere. Traffic is backed up on the other side of the freeway – a common occurrence in Houston that could be related to the birds, rush hour or the weather, since the sky appears to be darkened with storm clouds. The birds appear to be black, which means they could be blackbirds, crows, common grackles (very common in Houston) or some other bird made unidentifiable by the lighting.

Huge flocks of birds have been showing up regularly around Houston, with similar events reported in 2016 and 2015. Hannah Bailey, a bird expert at the Houston Zoo, explained after an incident in October 2016 that blackbirds gather in large groups to find food and keep warm and are key to keeping the Houston mosquito population down. However, that doesn’t explain why they were attacking cars last week.

Since stories of bird attacks inevitably reference The Birds, is there a connection here? The movie, which never explains the attacks, was said to be based on Daphne Du Maurier’s short story of the same name (attacks unexplained in it as well) and an incident in 1961 in Monterey, California, huge flocks of seabirds rammed into houses. Autopsies of the birds revealed poison from toxic algae which causes amnesia, disorientation and seizures. A housing boom and rains carried toxic runoff to the ocean where it poisoned the plankton eaten by the birds. Sound like Houston with its housing boom and recent heavy (some would say apocalyptic) rains?

The birds from The Birds

Were these black birds sending an environmental warning to Houston? Biblical? They’re not birds of prey, unless you’re a mosquito.

As of now, this mystery of the birds attacking Houston cars is unsolved, with the only people happy about it being car wash owners.

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  • Bill Pilgrim

    Seems to me we are oblivious to the very real effects atmospheric toxins are having on wildlife. Rather than viewing these phenomena as “canary in the coal mine ” events, we put them out of mind as unexplainable one-off events. What a stupid, ignorant race we are…frogs in the boiling pot.

  • Kurt Beswick

    A friend of mine who lives in Houston was on the phone with me while driving through this mass of birds yesterday (Jan 27th) and he said they were slamming into the windows of the cars, totally confused and flying in all different directions. I suspect the recent flooding rains may have washed toxins into the water table which has effected them negatively.

  • Kurt Beswick

    I lived in Houston for 7 years and saw this happen several times as well.

  • Thomas Alan Langley

    Several years ago here in Bowling Green, KY a bird hit the windshield of my car when I was driving & two or three days later the same thing happened. It never happened to me before to the best of my memory nor has it happened since. There was a lot of discussion in the news at that time about the bird flu. Maybe that what caused it. There is talk now about the bird flu so maybe that it what is happening in Huston. If you drive through Huston on I-10 it smells just like a gas station because of all the oil refineries. That might have something to do with it as well.

  • Koolz

    The Sky in the south and other parts of the US are sprayed with what we thought were chemicals. We called them Chem Trails. A movie came out in 2012 called “what are they spraying.”

    Now however we know they are not Chem Trails but are Nano Machines. Used to control the weather and alter DNA to RNA. This is documented and a proven fact.

    It’s possible the Nano Machine particles could effect nature. There is no judge or politics that would touch this topic.

  • Synickel

    How long is it going to take for people to find out what HAARP is and how it does things like this?

  • Patrick Sullivan

    Could it be our extraterrestrial elders giving us a clue that something may be scheduled to happen in Houston? “MARKING?”

  • Sardondi

    Not a Daphne du Maurier novel, just one of the massive migrations of starlings and blackbirds that regularly occur mid-January to mid-February across the South to Texas. These gatherings of starlings can be unsettling because the birds will group in their tens of thousands in a single field or forest, and roost in adjacent trees for several hours at a time, while each gives out a high-pitched chirp. Such a large gathering of starlings is called a “murmuration”, and in their masses it sounds like the metallic squeaks and squeals made by a column of military tanks or other large, caterpillar-tracked vehicles. Very weird.