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Insider Reveals Real Secrets of Area 51

Are there any alien spacecrafts or aliens at Area 51, the top secret US Air Force base in the Nevada desert? A defense industry insider who claims he has knowledge of what really goes on there says no. Should we believe him? An expert on UFOs says yes and he knows where the spaceships and ETs are actually hidden. Should we believe HIM?

Andre Milne

The “insider” is Andre Milne, founder of the defense technology firm Unicorn Aerospace, a secretive Canadian company that bills itself as “the world’s leading developer of advanced navigation technology.” In a recent interview with, Milne revealed his take on the purpose of Area 51:

Area 51 is a highly secured aerospace facility tasked with a wide variety of objectives to ensure the United States maintains a cutting edge of tactical air superiority against any potential threats.

According to Milne, this means testing next- and next-next-generation experimental and highly-classified fighter planes against Russian fighter jets – testing that was conducted by the 4477th Test and Evaluation Squadron at various locations until it consolidated at Area 51 in July 1990.

That’s not exactly news, Mr. Milne. What about the aliens?

The whole alien question being run out of Area 51 is complete nonsense.

So where do we look for the alien spaceships? Milne doesn’t say. He may be just as secretive about that as he is about the workings of his company, which are extremely difficult to find. Or he may be too busy looking for a different airship – MH 370, the Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared on March 8, 2014 – through his global human rights organization, ASOVE.

Jan Harzan

Fortunately, a UFO expert is ready to fill in the missing information about the missing aliens. In another recent interview with Forbes, Jan Harzan, executive director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), said alien ships and extraterrestrial beings are stored at a secret underground facility – called S4 – built into the base of the Papoose Mountains, in Lincoln County, Nevada, 16 km (10 miles) south of Area 51.

Based on insider information, this is where work on extraterrestrial recovered craft takes place. So when the President, or other officials proudly proclaim that there are no UFOs or aliens at Area 51, they may be technically correct because they are at S4.

If that sounds familiar, S4 is where Bob Lazar claims to have worked on reverse-engineering alien spaceships. In the interview, Harzan supports Lazar’s claims. Harzan says 5-10% of the UFO sightings reported to MUFON are likely to be secret military aircraft of the Area 51 kind, while at least some of the rest could be alien ships of the S4 kind. How can we non-insiders and non-experts tell the difference?

Our craft are very angular looking, with external plumbing, seams and protrusions on the body of the craft. Those of extraterrestrial origin are very smooth and integrated with no seams or rivets showing, and no protrusions. At least that’s our hypothesis based on what we are seeing.

There you have it. An insider and an expert agree that there are no alien spaceships at Area 51, just secret military planes, and the expert says the real ships and aliens are nearby at S4.

Should we believe them? Do you?

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  • St Kos

    Mr. Milne’s seems like a reasonable man and his statement is very believable. Mr. Harzan relies on the good old anonymous “insider” information. He is basing his information on what UFOs look like on conjecture. If the craft at Area 51 are next generation and top secret, how does he know what they look like? They could look exactly like “what we are seeing”.

  • Zeek Wolfe

    UFO craft are probably not at Area 51 anymore. Wright-Patterson has several and the rest are stored in places where access is difficult by geographic remoteness and layers of secrecy. Area 51 is used for the study of electro-gravitics, a research area that has been “black” since the middle 1950s. Research into UFO related issues is highly compartmentalized and subject to “need to know” classification. What this means is quite simple. The President or a Secretary of the Navy, for example, might be curious but curiosity will not unlock doors. They and other similar officials in the past have been politely but firmly refused any information. There are activities and closely held secrets that are beyond the reach of the highest elected officials. They learn this shortly before taking office.